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A digital marketing strategy is a must-have for any business that wants to be successful online. According to digital marketing blogs, this is the conclusion. The question of whether or not to develop a web marketing strategy has been long outweighed by the details of how to implement it.

However, many businesses remain skeptical.

49% of marketers have no strategy, despite having marketing programs. The remainder is split between those who have a separate direction (17%) and those that made it an integral part of their marketing strategy (34%).

There are however a few digital agencies that are trying to change this. Reeest is one such agency. This digital marketing agency provides a complete digital marketing plan to its clients that addresses all aspects of the customer’s sales cycle. Clients will not only be able to invest in PPC (pay per click), but also in web design, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Check out how Reeest‘s comprehensive digital marketing strategy helped the Gold Brick Hotel in Kuala Lumpur to generate over $40k revenue during Ramadan, which is the slowest month for businesses.

The Gold Brick Hotel generated new revenue of $40,121 from customers’ SEO services for email newsletters containing enticing offers to new customers generated $17,000 in new sales. These results are possible only if you fine-tune the campaigns using past data.

How did the Gold Brick Hotel identify the needs and wants of modern customers?

Gold Brick not only invested in the best digital marketing channels but also advanced analytics, revenue attribution, and tracking. This allowed the hotel to identify and address the digital needs of its customers. It also allowed the digital marketing partner to create a customized and comprehensive marketing plan that had a strong impact on all touchpoints.

The comprehensive, data-driven marketing plan helped Gold Brick Hotel to increase its leads and sales during the slowest month. It also increased their profitability.


Reeest was founded before Muhammad Huzaifa. They worked with a digital marketing agency this was more about metrics such as social engagement and search engine ranking than attributing return on each marketing channel.

Gold Brick was unable to grasp their ROMI (return of marketing investment) due to their lack of advanced analytics. They didn’t even know if their digital marketing efforts had worked.

They had an idea of how their social media profiles and pay-per-click (PPC), but no idea if their digital marketing agency was making a difference. Their previous marketing agency’s primary focus was keyword rankings. This didn’t give them any clue about the ROI of that channel.

Gold Brick was frustrated by the lack of accountability and data-driven insights. They also wanted solid numbers that provided actionable insights and proved business growth. They were looking for someone with a track record in advanced tracking, revenue attributions, and proven SEO and online marketing techniques.

They settled on Reeest, who had previously developed their website and helped them make a mark in the competitive hotel market. They were satisfied with the digital marketing agency’s proposal and it provided a great digital marketing plan.


Their digital marketing partner installed advanced analytics and tracking on Gold Brick Hotel’s site to address their problems. This will establish a baseline of their ROI for previous campaigns as well as where they spent their marketing budget.

Next, they needed to add content and SEO-friendly updates on their website. The agency made sure that the hotel’s commitment to excellence and services were highlighted. The agency collected data to determine the source of their leads and then adjusted their marketing budget.

The digital marketing company was able to determine that Gold Brick Hotel should spend more on PPC/SEO and less on other channels like radio and print ads.

The agency also found that potential hotel customers are extremely responsive to certain types email newsletters. Therefore, it created multichannel campaigns that were integrated with PPC, SEO and email marketing.

The analytics report was presented to the management and it revealed how much they were wasting marketing budget. Management was thrilled to discover that their marketing budget had been significantly reduced by the data-driven campaigns. This allowed them to reinvest some of their money into the business.


The digital marketing agency managed to improve the ROI of all marketing channels by converting prospects into leads, improving web design and SEO, PPC, and other methods. Gold Brick saw an 8:1 return on investment for SEO within six months. This included a stunning $8 return for every $1 spent.

Gold Brick was able to track all channels and see exactly where their marketing dollars were going. They also discard campaigns that have not made any money.

The hotel also enjoyed the benefits of an email marketing campaign. Despite the fact that the agency had to constantly adjust the email campaign based on previous metrics such as click-through rates and open rates, as well leads, the results were amazing: $17,000 in sales.

In February 2018, all of their efforts came to an abrupt halt. Gold Brick saw the greatest gains of over 300% in Ramadan, which is typically their slowest month. This was thanks to constant tweaking and fine-tuning.