The busiest times of a photo studio

Certain types of photos have a specific periodicity. For example, weddings take place, family photo shoots in Singapore in particular, at the start of the year and in the middle of the year, in the end, being very few. The corporate events are throughout the year, and the thematic ones are set in the calendar.

For a business to work in this field, you have to do it all. It is quite difficult for the business to work only from weddings or studio photos because it creates certain periods in which you sit in vain. Our solution is to do more photography, so we can cover all periods. The busiest months are March, April, May and then, towards the end of the year, September, October – many events are crowded here “.

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Competition with amateurs

In the field of photography, problems arise when competition occurs, and customers do not distinguish a professional photographer from an amateur.

I try to raise the level of the best photographer. The problem is that the barriers to entry are very low, anyone can take a camera and take pictures, and customers often do not understand. Anyone can be a photographer, take a camera and start taking pictures and put on his profile 


professional photographer 

The problem is that many do not have a legal form, do not have a studio, and have another job. You have to educate the customers “, 

Another impediment of the business is the fulfillment of the three requirements that any customer has: fast, good, and cheap.

  • In order for the business to work, the idea is to have affordable prices for any person of good quality. I always think about how to lower the price, but keep the product of the same quality. 
  • Some customers want photos quickly, well, and cheaply. Usually, only two are possible, never all three 

The plan is to open another location, and the dream is to have a network of rental photo studios in Singapore. Currently, photography takes up about 50-60% of the time. When they reach an occupancy time of 80% and have to refuse meetings, then they will open another location. Moreover, rental a photo studio in Singapore wants to develop related services to sell in Singapore.

Best Offering Wedding Photography and Videography Services, 

At the highest possible quality and at the most affordable price. We would like to thank you for your time here and for your desire to learn something about our passion for wedding photography and videography.

For many years, the clients have trusted the wedding photo and video services offered by family photo shoot Singapore. It is an honor for us to photograph and film the most valuable moments, taking care that they are not forgotten.

We know you want the best wedding photography and video services, that’s why we use our vision and your ideas to capture the beauty of all the details of the wedding. Like, so that in years to come you can relive the deepest emotions of the wedding day? To be able to travel back in time, to feel that you are there again with your loved ones?

Photo studio – arrangement

If you answered the question, then we can define the minimum elements needed to arrange the future photo studio:


You can start with a room with a width of at least 3 meters (to fit a large, classic, cardboard background (2.78 x 11m) and with a length of at least 4 meters to have room to photograph groups of several people or to use a lens with a focal length of 50mm, 85mm. This would be a necessary area for a start and a medium-sized apartment can be the first

step.Attention: Positioning the studio in a central area, with easy access and parking space for guests, is much more important than a space with a generous surface on the outskirts of the city.

Our rental photo studio in Singapore offers for rent a professional photo studio as well as photo services of the best quality. 5D Mark II (1-12 hours) the body can only be rented with the studio.

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I am renting a photo studio in Singapore

For objectives: the lenses are only rented together with the studio and are only rented with the studio for the Body: the body can only be rented with the studio.

Studio equipment

The camera:

We start from the idea that we are not talking here about a certain camera. I will call it a generic DSLR camera, but we can easily use a mirrorless one. Specifications such as burst speed or ISO sensitivity are not relevant for studio photography. What matters is the size of the sensor, but also the resolution.

Light sources:

What we are interested in at the moment is the lighting equipment, but also the light modifiers or other accessories that will help us to manipulate the light. We ask ourselves what to choose: continuous light or flashlight? You can start with a continuous light kit: two stands, two lamps with fluorescent bulbs ( VL-9099 ). It is a minimal budget kit, which generates interesting results if you learn to “exploit” it to the fullest. It is very suitable for product photography and even for photographing young, newborns. 


If all the above helped you to clarify the most important aspects related to arranging a photo studio, get started! Everything will be learned through experimentation and exercise.

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