The Cost Of Education


Pakistan has been ranked as the least participative countries amongst the ones who have good and well-managed educational facilities and a proper system prevailed in them. This disruption and condition of Pakistani education system is because of several reasons. Many business ventures that are aiming to provide academic services for the students of Pakistan including thesiswritingservice, are giving whatever it takes to cater the needy ones.

However, the paradigm here does not only revolves around education system being worthy of the sake within the context but also the cost of education being non-worthy at all. Pakistan’s literacy rate is way below par value that indicates that much of the population of Pakistan is not even getting education I the firs place. Moving on towards, the enrollment rate in Educational institutions of Pakistan the rate is though above and to some extent at the average limit but the value of that education is non-worthy.

Leniency in exams and amplification of cheating trend is enhancing in the educational institutions of Pakistan, and shame to say that affiliated boards are not taking part in this criminal acts. Bribery and Personal Reach are shamelessly being utilized in the upper level institutions of Pakistan and students especially the ones who do not deserve it are getting positions and clearing their exams with sheer proudness.

This situation has though become transparent in the sense that strict actions regarding this context has been implied by the government of Pakistan which has aided in fair rules regarding the examinations. Nonetheless, certain institutions, acting bodies and regulatory authorities still need the wake-up call to stop this crime and amend what they have done wrong.

On the other hand, the amount of population that is not getting the chance to even enroll in the primary schools deserve justice. This justice can be granted only with the concerns and conformity from the upper educational regulatory bodies’ authorities and their affirmative judgments and with the collaboration of the middle level authorities of schools themselves.

Several countries are proudly serving their citizens with the feature of ‘Free of cost’ Education, till the tenure and duration of primary schools though. Thereby, Pakistan can also become one of those countries and provides its residents with the equal quality of paid education to the students’ who cannot afford it and thus serve them with the education that is free of cost but does not lack in standard.

In this way, not only the literacy rate of the country will go up and above but also the talent and creativity of the children which is getting ignored only because they cannot afford to pay the school fees will also be entertained. This act can on the other hand will also reduce and eventually will end the terrorism activities that are prevailed with in the country mainly because as they say:

‘Empty minds are the homes for the evil’

Thereby, it is advised for the concerned authorities to kindly adapt to such manner and make the most out of this matter to benefit the upcoming future of Pakistan.



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