The dos and don’ts of lace front wig maintenance

Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to lace front wigs upkeep

  • Understand The Distinction Between Human Hair And Synthetic Hair Wig.

It’s simple: human hair wigs are tougher and more heat resistant than synthetic wigs, which means they are coil-less and rarely melt. So, while buying a wig, keep an eye out for the materials that is composed of and read the directions thoroughly.

  • Use Wig Shampoo, Conditioner, And A Wig Comb Designed For Wigs.

When purchasing wig cleaning products, keep in mind that there are specific ones available for specific wigs, because standard shampoo and conditioners include many chemicals that can harm the texture of your wig’s hair, especially if it is synthetic.

Also, the technique you can use when washing your hair and your wig are three separate things. This is what you are supposed to do: Immerse the wig in shampoo and water for a few minutes, then comb off the shampoo or conditioner (with your wig comb). After that, rinse the wig with warm water until the entire product has been removed. Finally, brush the wig until it is free of tangles and completely dry.

  • Have It Checked Out By A Professional.

It is preferable to take your wig to a professional for styling; several salons specialize in wig care and styling. Keep in mind that if you cut your wig’s hair, it will not grow and melt if you use too much heat! So go to a salon and inquire; many specialists will assist you.

  • Store Your Wig In A Secure, Well-Ventilated Location.

When you’re not wearing a wig, put it upright in a mannequin or on a hanger of some sort so that it doesn’t get tangled. Also, keep it covered to avoid dust.

  • Don’t Spray Your Wig With Anything.

If you do this, the hair under the wig is more prone to coil or get oily and unruly, especially if you use a variety of products, such as hold spray or a glossy spray.

  • There Is No Heat.

When styling your wig, have it in mind that heat can harm it. Make sure you don’t overuse your wig, particularly if it’s synthetic. Always check the direction that is included with your wig to see how much, if any, heat you can use.

  • Never Use It To Sleep Or Wash With.

You already know how to shampoo your wig correctly, so do so, and never shower with it on; additionally, take it off when it’s raining too hard. On the other hand, the sleeping half does not want to leave it all tangled and knotted from all the moving around during the night.

  • Don’t Forget About Your Hair

The fact that you’re wearing a wig doesn’t mean your hair isn’t dirty, frizzy, or dry. Keep your natural hair clean and conditioned at all times, and always braid or tie your hair back when putting on your wig to not show.

Eric Jones

Eric is a content writer of Fashion Blogger.