The Do’s & Don’ts Of Styling Distressed Denim

Magical ability? Cool girl vibe? Effortless style? All-in-one is distressed or ripped denim. 

Ripped jeans are in trend and wardrobe essential. It’s the perfect pair of denim when you want to look effortlessly chic. But distressed denim should not distress you (Lol!) On the contrary, they can teeter towards sloppiness if you don’t style it properly. 

When you style ripped jeans, let them look polished instead of disheveled. You can even walk into a business casual meeting wearing ripped jeans if you know how to style it right. From street style to your next-door girl, everyone is seeking new outfit ideas to style this holy denim. Get yours now from trendy women’s clothing as it is versatile, and you can incorporate it in all kinds of looks.

Deliberating do’s and don’ts for styling distress denim 

Ripped or distressed jeans have a cool-girl vibe that is no longer stopped at knee-tears only. Instead, they are rocking more with slashes up and down the leg. But there are some do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind while styling it.

Pull-offs of distressed denim 

Play with proportions

Cropped Sweater

Don’t be afraid to experiment with proportions when you wear ripped jeans. Make a true show-stopping statement with your look.

  • Style cropped sweater with baggy ripped jeans and tan snow boots for an effortless classic combination. 
  • A fresh and feminine look by styling a puff sleeve blouse with high-waisted jeans and white sneakers. 
  • Style it with an oversized coat and cool sunglasses to go off with serious movie star vibes. 

Add a bit of flirty, flair, and feminine

Embroidered Top

Jeans make an outfit feel sort of rough. Add some flirtiness to your look:

  • Style loose-fitting distressed jeans with cowtown sandals and dark floral embroidered tops for a sophisticated look that you can style for a dinner. 
  • Simple pair of t-shirt and ripped jeans. Flatter your figure by adding neutral booties and bring a bit of height.
  • Pull-on a sequin clutch and make a sparkly statement.

Have fun with prints

Fur Coat

You need these jeans to buy this season and make a roundup of cute outfits with jeans, including some fun and playful prints. 

  • A patterned shirt is a perfect springtime you can pair with light wash jeans and crisp white sneakers.
  • Be wild! (Of Course in patterns) Try out mixing a leopard print sweater with black ripped jeans and shiny patent leather booties. 

Dress them up for a date night

Tank top

Ripped jeans are a chic and stylish option for date night or dinner with girls when you style up with tailored pieces.

  • A crisp collared white shirt from online boutiques USA gives you cool-girl style with light wash denim and squeaky white booties. 
  • Bring sophistication to your look by donning high-waisted ripped jeans with structured blazers and pointy-toe pumps.

Push-back of distressed denim

Don’t wear baggy pieces at once 

Distressed jeans offer you a casual-cool look every day. But if you style it with too many oversized pieces or baggy ones, it makes your outfit seem lazy. Keep only one or two parts of the outfit oversize when you are styling distressed denim. Make sure to balance your look with slim-fit staples, so you have an edgy vibe.

Don’t wear tattered jeans with a super ripped-up top

Too many torn elements? Nah! It makes you look like you are acting in a slasher film rather than being ready to take on the day with full swag. When mixing your denim, keep only one piece ragged.

Don’t go overboard with glitter

Girly and sparkly are the vibes of most girls, especially with middle school concert-goers. Right? It’s time to have fun with some glittery accessories from a trendy online boutique and be a sophisticated young woman. Restrict the look to only a couple of shiny pieces. 

Don’t make it too thematic

Prints are fun, so why don’t you play with them in a fun way? It brings new life into your ripped jeans. But be careful while mixing and matching. Baggy ripped jeans, and dark plaid can be a bit grungy, but leopard print makes you feel too costumey when styling it with tattered pants. Mix and match but still make it look elegant and polished.

Not appropriate for many work industries 

Ripped jeans can get style into outfits that are polished enough for a night out. But there are not too many industries that you would find appropriate for work. So keep the tattered pairs at home and wear your darkest wash jeans to the office. 

Don’t limit yourself to blue and black jeans only

Women mostly own blue and black jeans in common. Every woman has these two colors of jeans in their wardrobe. If you don’t mind playing with colors, try different hue jeans or neon one. Neon color ripped jeans are unique and reflect your colorful and bolder personality.

Have fun styling distressed denim! 

Distressed denim takes a little bit of effort to make them look effortless. But that’s the benefit of playing with fashion that intensifies beauty! The most important “DO” for distressed jeans is that you will have fun styling your outfits around them. So get it from a women’s western wear boutique and make it your go-to wardrobe staple.