The Grand Collection of Emma Bridge water Mugs

Before making a purchase let’s dive into the rich and glorious history of this beautiful collection. The grand company’s journey first began at the year 1984. The company keeps its keen focus on the designs and artwork frame from the early 1700s.

These heritage designs make its pottery, mugs, motifs collection stand out from all other brand collections of its kind. These heritage unique artwork designing ideas are also considered a massive success point for the brand.

Thus, no wonder the brand earns a massive profit amount every year of more than dollar thirty-five million.

About the Mug Collection

It’s almost like Emma Bridgewater mugs has cast a spell on the mug collectors worldwide. These mugs come with facilities like one hundred percent microwave-safe built quality.

Questions keep arising that whether these potteries and mugs are hand-painted or not, we are glad to inform you that these beautiful collections are human-made and hand paintings are involved.

No machinery is involved in the making and manufacturing process of these potteries or mugs. The most surprising fact is the factory of our brand doesn’t consist of huge printing machines or new age gigantic machinery.

Considering the manufacturing capacity people think that all these masterpieces are machine manufactured and finished products but in reality, it’s not true our whole production unit is involved and completely dependent on human work and creative power.

Thus, providing more human work opportunities and providing work opportunities to millions of workers and artists.

Look and Style of the Mugs

Our mugs and pottery collections are painted and decorated with a unique art form of the seventeen hundred art form of sponge ware technique.

Our company at its very begging of business kept receiving massive demand requests of the introduction of other collections wares.

Our company is always ready to respond to its customer’s voices so we introduced other expanded products like cushions, curtains, shopping bags, trays, accessories, books, pet bowls, glassware’s egg cups, teacups butter dishes, and many more.

Please do visit the Ann Marie shopping site to avail these products and to view many more of our collections that are not mentioned in detail here.

You can always rest assured of the quality and manufacturing of our products, durability of our products blindly forever.

Designs of the Brand

The brand always focuses mainly on designs of bees, dogs, daffodils, hens, bumblebees, fruits and insects, and many more vintage design patterns, these designs got so famous in no time and was loved so much by the brand’s fanatics that the brand decided that will not only print their creativity mark on glass materials but also in picnic wares, stationeries, tins and on fabric sheets too.

Checking with the Items

Before purchasing the name of our brand please do a check before investing in your hard-earned money as nowadays, many USA online stores keep selling dupes or copy products of similar looks that are not originally of our brand but are fake copies kept on display on our brand name.

Always shop from genuine and dependable shopping sites where you can avail of our original brand products which are Ann Marie. We recommend you always shop our brand products from Ann Marie without any hesitation.