The Importance Of Your 3PL Being Able to Handle B2B And B2C Apparel Distribution

When the businesses are not equipped enough to handle certain significant operations in-house, 3PL (third-party logistics) providers come into the picture. These are a significant boost to almost all the business, especially the smaller companies helping them focus more on the core functioning. But not all the 3PL services are designed in a similar fashion. While some are tailored to cater particularly to the B2B businesses, others are skilled at handling the B2C. Hence in the apparel logistics industry, you need a flexible third-party logistics model that can handle both the client bases with ease.

Firstly it is important to study various aspects of both the types in the apparel distribution: where the orders are coming from, the outbound order profile, storage, and returns management. With the surge in online retail marketplaces, many 3PLS have emerged which can unify multiple channel orders.

And how is choosing a flexible model going to help you?

● Is able to handle the needs which are different for different customer bases
It is quite obvious that the shopping habits and behavior of B2B and B2C customers will differ from each other. Again, within a particular segment, the needs and expectations of the consumers are rapidly changing and evolving. For instance, there used to be a time when customers would shun any idea of buying even a piece of clothing online and would instead resort to that traditional brick-and-mortar approach of buying things from a store. But 40% of global shoppers prefer buying clothes online today.

Again, there is a faction that prefers making all the research online before embarking on a purchasing spree at a store, by indulging in a process called webrooming. And in some cases, even the reverse can happen with consumers heading to the showroom to test a product and then buy it online at the best price. This is what is termed showrooming.
And how can 3PL help here? Ensuring that your customers can reach out to you both online and offline will be the task of third-party logistics providers with a proven track record.
● Renders a seamless customer service
Third third-party logistics is better able to handle your core demographics. By outsourcing your distribution to these third-party logistics providers, you can help your customers reach you the way they want to while making a purchase. Some 3PLs have a proven track record in providing seamless customer service making it easier for customers to reach out in case of queries, tracking details, and even returns and refunds.
● Helps capture the market demand
With the ever changing face of fashion, products have a very limited lifespan in the marketplace. 3PLs make sure that products are distributed as quickly as possible to capture the maximum sales volume, minimize inventory, and reap the advantage of pricing markdowns.
● Ensures a smooth functioning
It is well-equipped to ensure the smooth functioning of your warehouse management, making sure that your supply chain management progresses unhindered. Compared to B2C, B2B distribution is a more complex process. But third-party logistics providers can handle much larger deliveries under strict deadlines to make sure that the retail owners are never out of stock. Apart from this, it contributes to the most cost-effective shipping solutions and efficiency by providing greater flexibility to both the business models.
● Can handle multiple sales channels
Despite the hurdles associated with both types, 3PLs can cater to multiple sales channels under the same umbrella of fulfillment. They usually achieve this by taking the needs of each channel into account, thereby putting work staff, storage, and workload in place.
Other benefits:
● Timely deliveries
● Increased quantity and size of order
● Minimizes storage space by keeping all the inventory together with the reduced working staff
● Effective transportation
● Monitoring the distribution at every touchpoint

In the Apparel industry logistics, customer needs are to be treated as a topmost priority, and incorporating a flexible third-party logistics service that can take care of both types of customers will be worth every penny in making the distribution effective and timely.

Looking for a 3PL to look after both your customer bases flawlessly? With AWL India, you’re in for the following perks:

● Neatly ironing the garments before delivering
● Exclusive packaging and labeling
● On-demand value added services like sewing
● Hanger preparation for every garment in a specific order, especially for a fashion show
● Smart handling to maintain the quality of the garments

● Quick and efficient delivery within the scheduled time

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