The Most Popular Golf Drinks

Are you one of those golfers having a tough time deciding what to drink? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of some of the most popular golf drinks, along with the reasons why.

After reading this article, you will understand why these beverages are so popular and likely yearn for at least one next time you play.


Staying hydrated is a daily necessity, so it’s no surprise water is one of the most popular golf drinks, alone or combined with other golf drinks such as coffee or liquor. Drinking plenty of water is vital on hot summer days, but don’t forget about it when temperatures start to drop, either. 


Coffee is the number one beverage people drink when they need a little push from caffeine to get themselves going, and for a good reason. We all know coffee boosts our physical performance, helps us focus, and improves our mental alertness, all of which we need for a smooth game. So, it’s no wonder this magical drink is such a popular choice among golfers, especially in the mornings.

Sweet Heat


This famous Horseshoe Bay Resort cocktail is popular among golfers for its sweet and spicy flavor that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. The sweetness comes from pineapple juice, and the heat comes from jalapeño. This combo both lifts and relaxes, so you can understand why golfers love it so much.

Jim Beam

Bourbon is a classic, on or off the course. Many golfers take a sip to celebrate great shots or forget terrible ones. It’s like a cure for all. Jim Beam is especially popular on cooler days when we need that extra something to heat us and keep us warm. Not a drink, but a great idea if you can’t stay warm when temperatures drop – start playing at the indoor golf club.


Around clubhouses, beer is known as ‘’The Sportsman’s Concession’’. Many golfers believe that they are drinking a performance product by adding a bit of lemon juice into their ale or lager. The funny thing is, they aren’t far from the truth. Beer is abundant in antioxidants, and due to its silicon content, it can help build stronger bones. Strong bones will keep you on the course for years to come.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is a well-known, non-alcoholic golf cocktail, and you can enjoy it anytime during the day. It’s an excellent way to hydrate before or during your round of golf. Named after the famous Arnold Palmer, it’s a delicious drink made of one part lemonade and three parts unsweetened ice tea. If you’re not a fan of non-alcoholic beverages, you can always add a shot of vodka.


This mid-round pick-me-up cocktail has been helping golfers loosen their swing for many years now. Transfusion and golf make a great combo. If you can’t find a fresh one, there are packaged options such as Links Drinks. To keep it cool on hot sunny days, ask for loads of ice and a second cup and enjoy.

Orange Juice and Lemonade

On the healthier side of popular golf drinks, we have irreplaceable orange juice and lemonade. This classic golf beverage is ideal for all golfers looking to keep a clear head. Apart from being delicious as heaven, it’s healthy too, delivering you a fair dose of vitamin C. 


As you probably know, vitamin C has loads of health benefits, and apart from doing wonders for your body, it’s vital for many brain functions. We all know how crucial that is for playing golf well. 

Aperol Spritz

Among the most popular golf drinks, Aperol Spritz stays on top. Proportions are one part Aperol (a bitter Italian apéritif), 1.5 part prosecco, a splash of soda, and loads of ice. This beverage is insanely popular among golfers in Europe, probably because of its ‘’performance-enhancing’’ properties, as many like to say. Part of that attribute stems from its orange color, as it looks like a sports drink.

Fishers Island Lemonade

A few things say summer like a glass of ice-cold lemonade, and when you add whiskey and vodka to the mix, things get particularly fun, and many golfers know it designer wall clocks online. Fishers Island Lemonade contains more alcohol than various beers. It’s a well-balanced mix of lemon juice, whiskey, high-end vodka, and honey. You can see why this beverage is ideal for sipping on during the whole summer on the fairways.

Apart from being so divine, Fishers Island Lemonade partners with One Percent for the Planet. This organization allows companies to donate a piece of their profits to environmental organizations. What’s better than saving the planet while drinking heaven on the course?

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you know some of the most popular golf drinks. We strongly recommend you try at least one of these. Apart from refreshing you, or warming you up, drinking beverages that you enjoy can set a positive mood, thus making your game more fun and enjoyable.

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