The net worth of the South Korean fashion designer, Minju Kim


Achieving success in the fashion designing industry is quite a long-drawn process and several fashion designers struggle to get some form of recognition in the industry. A lot of hard work is required to acquire such recognition. You want to know what’s even tougher? Establishing a brand from scratch and getting customers. 


Regardless, there are a handful of fashion designers who have achieved success in the fashion industry and now possess a net worth of billions. Minju Kim, the winner of Netflix ‘Next in Fashion’ series is amongst those successful fashion designers. 

Minju Kim’s net worth 


Fashion designers have to constantly move in and out of their comfort zone to be recognized as a respectable brand in the fashion industry. They need to adapt with trends and come up with new and unique designs regularly. Minju Kim has been working hard to establish her label in the elite section of the industry. Ever since her win in ‘Next in Fashion’, she has been putting in a lot of effort to come up with topnotch designs and collections as frequently as possible.


In the year 2018, the net worth of Minju Kim was estimated to be $3.96 million. In 2019, her net worth increased by almost $2 million and was estimated to be $5.7 million. The following year, Kim’s net worth increased further and was estimated to be $8.3 million. According to Fame Ranker,  the current net worth of Minju Kim is estimated to be $8.3 million. This is based on the estimation of her salary and income of $2.7 million as a South Korean fashion designer. 


Kim’s collections on Net-a-Porter have been selling at a rapid pace. Some of her designs have been valued at more than $5000. If her designs keep up with the current quality and pricing scheme, her net worth is sure to double in a few years.


Everything you should know about Minju Kim


Now that you know how much Minju Kim is worth, let’s get familiar with who she is and what she does. Minju Kim is a South Korean fashion designer who recently gained fame and popularity through her victory in the Netflix show, ‘Next in Fashion’. ‘Next in Fashion’ is a fashion reality show based on a competition among fashion designers.


Minju Kim was born in South Korea. She pursued her bachelors’ degree in fashion designing at the Samsung Art and Design Institute in South Korea. She later received a masters’ degree for the same at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. Minju Kim developed a fondness for the art of fashion designing when she was studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Here, under the guidance of experienced instructors and designers, she made up her mind to pursue fashion designing as her goal in the future.


The Netflix show, ‘Next in fashion’, was aired on 29th January 2020. It was co-hosted and judged by two renowned designers, Tan France and Alexa Cheng. The show contained a series of rounds where contestants had to team up with other contestants and compete individually as well. Minju Kim had impressed the judges in the preliminary rounds itself because of which, many considered her to be the winner from the very beginning.  


As the winner of the show, Minju Kim received a cash prize of $250,000. This cash prize was to be used to release her collection on the website of Net-a-Porter. Net-a-Porter was the fashion partner for the show, ‘Next in Fashion’. But even before this win, she had been known throughout the K-Pop fanbase and community. 


This was because Minju Kim had designed costumes for the world tours and wardrobes of the K-Pop bands, BTS and Red Velvet. And what’s more? Some of Minju Kim’s work, like her 2020 Spring collection, was featured in Vogue, the Korean edition.

Final Thoughts


Minju Kim has come this far in terms of the value of her net worth. She is most likely to thrive in the future as she’s constantly working to maintain the quality of her label, despite being confined to her studio during the pandemic.