The secret to Choose The Perfect Lingerie to Match Your Wedding Dress

Getting married is tough, and planning for a big fat Indian wedding is more arduous, especially if you are the bride. There are several to-do lists, multiple shopping lists, and do not even get me started on all the skincare, haircare, and fitness regimes we follow to look our best during the wedding celebrations.

Shopping is a vital part of every bride’s to-do list, and lingerie shopping is an essential cornerstone of this list. All your outfits, daily wear, ethnic dresses, and ensembles for your pre and post-wedding functions can rock or break, depending on the lingerie you choose to wear beneath it sofa set online shopping. Though bras and panties are worn inside your outfits, and no one gets to see it from under, but trust me when I say this, lingerie is the real hero. Suppose you wear a mediocre dress and pair it with the best-fit lingerie. In that case, your outfit will shine like no one else’s business, and contrastingly, if you wear a stunning outfit with improper lingerie, you are going to look and feel clumsy.

In a nutshell, whenever you shop for dresses that you will wear at your wedding functions, choose the best lingerie online shop in india set to look your best in each of these outfits. Also, you can invest in luxury lingerie as they feel and last longer than the economical ones, but the latter can suffice if you choose the right brand and the right fit.

This blog has listed the type of lingerie that will complement the outfits in your wedding trousseau.


A seamless panty seals the deal in whatever kind of saree you wear, irrespective of its pattern, fabric, and draping style.

In the case of bras, the pattern of your blouse determines the bra that will go with it. In a backless blouse, go with bras with transparent straps and belts, and for a blouse with a plunging neckline, opt for a bra with low necklines and lesser coverage.

Ethnic Dresses

In ethnic suits, you can wear any underwear from G-string to a thong to a brief, according to your comfort.

Like the blouse, the bra under ethnic wear depends on the sleeve and the neck pattern of the top. In the case of high-neck or stand collar dresses, regular seamless bras do the role, and for dresses with thick or thin straps, regular strapless bras work the best. Also, seamless bras are the best partner for ethnic tops, as there are no visible bra lines.

Cocktail Dresses

If you opt for a short LBD for your cocktail night or the bachelorette event, a seamless G-string or thong will win the game. If you are not comfortable with these two, you can settle for a seamless low-waist panty. If you opt for a long dress, maxi, or a skirt, any seamless panty will do.

A regular seamless bra will work if you opt for a full-sleeve top with a standard buy neck support travel pillow and backline. If you opt for strap tops or dresses, a strapless bra or a padded tube bra will also do justice to your outfit.

Lastly, while investing in a regular bra and panty set, or sexy lingerie, keeping in mind the right fit of the innerwear is the most crucial part. Equally important is the fabric quality and feel of the lingerie. Also, your lingerie in no way should become an obstruction in your body movements owing to its flexibility. It is your celebration, and nothing can hold you back.