Credit card fraud is a common problem in the digital era. The main aim the fraud is to steal the required details of any credit card. The vital thing is the information related to the credit containing the personal information like name, address, Phone number, password, PIN, Username, etc. The credit card issuer provides the details and CVV or PIN security code these codes are used to maintain the security of a credit card. Card Verification Value(CVV) has another feature that gives the user identity clearance. There is also the present CVV shop for Card Verification Value. Credit card is flexible it contains the financial materials by which we can withdraw and transfer fund.

There are few ways of avoiding the stealing of credit card details:

1.Ensure the security of your credit online:

The security on online very important for credit cardholders. Credit is a great asset for credit cardholders.

It contains all the information related to the user’s identity. Generally, online users are unaware to choose the real site for providing their information like credit card details PINs, user name. Many emails are coming from the financial institution and want the user to provide the information. These kinds of phishing scammer want to trick the users’ login credentials.

2.Give a report to the financial institution quickly for a stolen or lost credit card:

The quicker you report for lost or stolen credit card the quicker the bank’s credit card issuer cancel your credit card and protect against fraudulent activities.

The thieves or the people who will get the credit card will tend to make it a waste. But the user has to care about it. He will have to phone the bank and report for it.

3.Take a review of your Billing Statements regularly:

The first sign of credit card fraud is unauthorized credit card. If you have a notice that you have not made any change but it has a little bit change, then at that time report to the financial institution as quickly as possible. The credit card issuer will suggest whether you should close your account or have a new account with the bank.

4.Make protection against identity theft:

Identity is the most vital asset, so the user has to be careful about identity theft. And the user should take some steps to ensure the protection: These include:

  • Ensure the security of your mailbox with a padlock, key, or get a PO Box.
  • Before throwing in rubbish something printed materials, destroy the full name, birthday, credit card details, and tax file number and address.

5.Complete Registration for a Secure ID token:

SecurID is the keyring-like device that generates a unique code that works as the additional password for Westpac and lives mobile banking. This system adds an extra layer of security to the user account and allows the user to perform various functions such as higher daily payment and instant password reset.

Credit card is the main risk for the user and this they have to follow the rule and guidelines. The above-mentioned process will help the credit card user protect the credit card from any kind of vulnerability. Moreover, carefulness is the main and first way of becoming safe fraudulent deeds of the criminals.

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