The Top 5 Applicant Tracking Software for Staffing Agencies

When staffing needs arise, staffing agencies turn to their applicant tracking software to help them stay organized and track applicants more efficiently. Today, the variety of sourcing software available is virtually infinite, and most hiring managers have at least a few favorite tools. However, due to varying requirements and budgets, many hiring managers only have limited resources for testing out new software. When you are choosing an ATS for recruiting agency, ask yourself these questions first: Is it right for my organization? Does it meet my company’s privacy and security standards? Will it cost me too much? If the answer to all of the above is “No,” then it may be worth looking into an alternative solution.


What is the Applicant Tracking Software for Staffing Agencies?

There are many different types of tracking software available for staffing agencies. Some hiring managers prefer a point of sale (POS) system because it is easy to use and they are able to keep track of all the hires they have made and all of the hire orders they have generated. Others like management software because it can help them track staff performance and develop better hiring solutions for their customers. Either way, the software you choose should be capable of tracking both job candidates and employees within your organization. It should also be able to track the timing and reason for hire, as well as provide analytics about the candidate’s behavior. Beyond tracking, many software solutions also provide valuable functionality such as the ability to schedule interviews, track candidates’ performance, provide documents management and administrative staff members can easily view and edit, and much more.

Why Choose an Applicant Tracking Software?

Sales and marketing staff need a system that is easy to use. Some hiring managers also use the software to manage their onboarding process, including the process of training new hires. Some employers also use the software to track and manage employee performance, either to help them stay focused on the right activities or to make sure each employee is getting the proper recognition and pay increase for their contributions.

Top 5 Applicant Tracking Software Options

Many hiring managers have limited resources when it comes to the number of software solutions they can test out. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that offer great value and can fit the bill. Let’s begin with the most popular software solutions on the market today. 


  1. Google-Based Job Search and Recruiting Software – Google has been a great resource for hiring managers for years. While it can be difficult to integrate Google into your organization, it is still a widely used search engine, and many managers are finding it beneficial. 


  1. Microsoft-Based Applicant Tracking System – Many hiring managers have found the Microsoft recruiting system to be beneficial. It has a strong online component for recruiting candidates, a strong applicant tracking system, and powerful analytics to help managers understand their recruiting efforts in real time. 


  1. Yahoo!-based Applicant Tracking System – Yahoo is another popular search engine, and many companies have found it useful for their hiring efforts. It can be integrated with other recruiting solutions, such as Microsoft’s, to make the process even more efficient. 


  1. Flexible with Software Options – It is important to note that the top five options above provide a good mix of functionality. Some hiring managers may find that only using one of these solutions for their entire agency is sufficient. Others may have a need to use several of them in parallel to meet their specific needs.

Bottom Line

The best applicant tracking software is the one that is right for your business. It should meet your company’s data privacy and security standards and be capable of tracking both job candidates and employees within your organization.With Recruiterflow you can also ensure a level of productivity for your staff by streamlining the hiring process. It should also be able to track the timing and reason for hire, as well as provide analytics about the candidate’s behavior.