The Top Factors You Should Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

The ideal venue for your event is out there, and you’re sure to find something that suits all your needs and wants when you know where (and how) to look. But since there are many choices, it can quickly become quite overwhelming, and all those choices can make your decision even more of a challenge. But there are various intricacies involved in selecting a perfect venue for your event, and here are the top factors you should consider when choosing an event venue.

  1. Where?

First of all, consider the location. Where can you hold your event? The location should be convenient to all your guests or participants, and accessing it should be easy. When thinking about the location, check out access to airports and public transport, and see if they offer parking onsite or a valet.

  1. How many?

You also have to consider the capacity, so think carefully about the number of attendees you have. The capacity of the venue is crucial because it can help you narrow down some prospective sites, making your search easier. When it comes to capacity, here’s another factor to keep in mind: if you are having a party or conference, you may have more attendees than expected, and you should choose a place which is roomier and can accommodate a bit more than your expected guest number.

  1. When?

Choosing a venue depending on the season and date matters as the date of your event can also affect your venue choice. For instance, even if you have a summer event and are eyeing the perfect outdoor space such as a garden, it’s best to have a plan B if it starts raining, as recommended by the excellent party planners in Oxfordshire from Oasis Events.

Another factor to think about is that venues may well be reserved months in advance when planning an event during peak season. So the right thing to do is check out venues as soon as possible so you are not left scrounging around for a venue at the last minute. Conversely, if you can’t avoid last-minute planning, you can still maximise it because some venues give bargains for last-minute bookings. But even if it is possible to book a venue on short notice, it’s still best to avoid this as much as you can.

  1. How much?

Of course, one of your most vital considerations when selecting a venue is the cost, and you may already have an estimate in mind. But it’s a good idea to be open and expect varying prices depending on the kind of venue you need. Most venues will offer different calculations on the price of the space, and it often includes other points such as hiring fees, minimum spend, the cost or expense per guest, and so on.

It’s best to do research first and check out market prices for different venues to know what you can expect. Furthermore, know precisely what is included in the venue hire before you sign the contract. You may want to be flexible when it comes to the date because some days during the week are less costly than weekend dates.

Aside from the above, consider the style of the venue and its layout, and don’t forget to ask about catering as well. Good luck!