The Truth About Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets

There is a trend amongst modern homeowners to install black kitchen cabinets in their homes. One particular trend that has gained momentum is matte black kitchen cabinets. Do you think this can work in your home? Well, you can decide that after you have known the truth about matte black kitchen cabinets.

What are the pros of matte black kitchen cabinets?


One of the top advantages of matte black kitchen cabinets is that they are trending. For most homeowners, finding a color scheme or kitchen design ideas that are trending is more important than any other thing. Therefore, while matte black cabinets are still trending, homeowners can enjoy their beauty and stay with them for as long as the trend continues.


Another reason why you should consider matte black kitchen cabinets is that they are simple. Simplicity is an art in the kitchen that most homeowners are looking for when renovating their kitchens. Matte black is a simple color that shows elegance.

Hides dirt

Well, this is a controversial advantage because some people view it as a disadvantage. Looking at it as an advantage, it helps you avoid cleaning the cabinets all the time since dirt is not extremely visible. However, this means that there is also the danger of debris sticking on your cabinets. Therefore, you should schedule moments when you need to clean the cabinets.

The cons:

Makes the room looks smaller

Whilst dark colors are warmer than white, the effect is that they make the room look smaller than it is. This means that if you have a small kitchen you cannot use matte black kitchen cabinets because there will be barely any visible space in your kitchen. You may need a lot of lighting to show up space in your kitchen if you use this color scheme.

Appears dirty

The crispiness that white brings to the kitchen cannot be achieved with matte black kitchen cabinets. There is the fear that black cabinets will always appear dirty in your kitchen. The perception that it brings makes it harder for it to look attractive to others.

Can go out of fashion

They have come in fashion easily and there is no guarantee that they will remain fashionable for long. This can affect the value of the home.


The final decision is dependent on personal preference and the floor space in your kitchen. If you have sufficient space and you want a unique kitchen, then matte black kitchen cabinets are your perfect choice for a modern trending kitchen cabinetry option.