Theft vs. Robbery


Often when you see a news report where a home or business property is broken into, and money or valuables are taken, you see words like “robbery” and “theft” are used interchangeably. In some news reports, it is also stated that a home or business property is broken into, and all the valuables were taken away. Although there is a very slight difference in both the crimes, both involve taking personal property without the owner’s consent.

However, it is vital to note that both these terms have an evidentTheand distant meaning which showcases the nature of the crime committed. 


The Difference Between Robbery and Theft

As stated earlier, the difference between both crimes can be explained by how it has been carried out. The robbery involves using forceful actions such as operating dangerous weapons to threaten the victim and gain immediate possession of the valuables. On the contrary, theft does not include any use of forceful action neither threatening the victim/owner of the property. An ideal example of theft is entering a shop and stealing valuables when no one is around.


A person is guilty of committing the crime if he steals the valuable or property belonging to others against the willingness or approval of the property owner. In this crime, the owner is not present in the respective location or he/she is not aware of the incident. There is no danger or threat caused to the owner during a theft. For example, they steal valuable goods from the shop by employees when the employer is not present.  


 It can get defined as a person being guilty if he steals the valuables with the help of external forces such as using a dangerous weapon to threaten any person who is present. In simple words, robbery always occurs where there is a victim’s presence, and he/she has been threatened with death threats or bodily harm. The theft is far more dangerous, and it can cause a person to die or injuries compared to theft, where no sign of threat is felt. For more information on Theft vs. robbery, [click on the link].

How to Keep Your Home Safe from Robbery and Theft 

It’s a big concern for every individual to keep their valuables safe from theft or robbery. Because the damage caused by both these activities can be devastating. Especially in the case of theft, the victim might face physical and psychological damage as he/she is prone to a dangerous weapon which can leave adverse effects on their mental health. Therefore, to protect yourself from getting caught in such crimes and keep safe your property and valuable, You can take the following precautionary steps:

Securing your perimeter

The most important step to stay protected is to secure your house with preventive measures such as high-quality locks, protective shields, locking all the entrances and windows properly when they are in no use

Keeping valuables hidden

Instead of disclosing and openly attracting the criminal by showcasing the valuables, it increases the probability of the crime. But there are businesses where valuables are required to showcase to attract customers. In such a scenario, the security level or protection level needs to be increased, and continuous watch is mandatory.

Installing Security Systems

There should be a CCTV camera installed on every check-in –check out where one can quickly identify the possibility of a suspicious person. Through the footage, they can call the police on an immediate basis. Also, video door phones are most commonly used in houses to

verify the person ringing the bell before opening the door. If the person is unknown or suspicious, then one can keep the door closed and ask for external help from the police.

electronic surveillance

How Information about the hidden value or property gets leaked?

Electronic Surveillance 

There is a high probability of getting your electronic medium bugged, and all the precious and confidential information is leaked. It can occur due to a bug in the communication medium, i.e., taken as taping calls. Another medium through which they can derive vital information about the valuables is through the electronic communication medium by bugging the system. E-mail or information uploaded using electronic devices. For more information on electronic surveillance [click on the link].


Both the crimes have their charges and penalties under the law of the respective country. If any activity occurs, it is recommended to call the police and acknowledge them about the incident. Under theft, huge fines are imposed, and sentencing to jail is also given depending on the crime level. At the same time, a robbery offender gets sentenced to more than a year imprisonment or maybe a lifetime depending on the nature of the crime.