Things To Do After A Yoga Instructor Course

You have completed your yoga teacher training? Great! What is next, huh?

Given thought to the important things that you need to do after you have completed your yoga instructor course? If not, now is the time yogis!

Top 9 Things To Do After Your YTT

Do Not QUIT Your Daily Job

While the idea of becoming a full-time yoga teacher sounds terrific, your chances of getting 15 classes a week are quite slim, especially when you are starting off in this field. So, do not rush. Just be patient, continue working, and give yourself a dose of motivation every day. Never feel like you are losing sight of becoming a full-time yoga teacher, you surely will one day.

Make A Certification Folder

Make sure to keep copies of your training certifications, attendance records of yoga classes, and a clear list of grades. Having duplicates of this information is very important as it will come in handy when you will apply for teaching opportunities in the future.

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Get Certification In CPR

What is CPR? Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is not that big of a deal, but getting certified in CPR will ensure that you have taken one step extra in going beyond your yoga teacher certification to be a professional part of the community of this practice. And keep in mind to add the CPR certificate to your certification folder.

Buy Your Liability Insurance

Although you do not really hear of injuries from yoga instructors, it is still pretty important to have yoga liability insurance. Also, keep proof of this insurance when applying for teaching jobs. You never know what might happen, right?

Have A Word With An Accountant

If you are thinking of becoming a full-time yoga teacher, then you are obviously planning to ultimately develop a business of your own, isn’t it? In this case, you should talk to an accountant so that you can properly establish your business from the very beginning.

Do Not STOP Your Personal Yoga Practice

Just because you are developing your practice professionally, that does not mean you will forget about your personal yoga practice. It is significant to learn and push your abilities continuously as it is beneficial both for your professional as well as personal life. This way, you will not only become a better student but also a better instructor.

Teach Regularly

While you are looking for work opportunities in yoga studios, make sure that you do not stop teaching. Teach anywhere, just do not stop. This will help in developing your teaching as well as your own classroom approach.

Develop Professional Contacts

As you start assisting at different yoga classes, meeting fellow teachers and studio owners will help you in building contacts. So make sure to keep a track of the people that you meet out there. In this way, you will learn how to build strong professional networks that can help you with your yogic journey.

Be Patient

You have finished getting trained and are excited to start your journey as a teacher! However, it will take time to establish contacts and develop a business of your own. So, be patient, and do not rush unnecessarily.

Whether you have taken your 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, Mysore, Goa, or Dharamsala, the things mentioned above are of significance for every yogi who wants to pursue a career in yoga.