Things to Know About RTA Cabinets Before Buying One

A kitchen is a place of pride for many homeowners, and when it comes to giving a character to it, many fail drastically. One of the most important items of any kitchen is its cabinets, as they give the cooking space a sense of sophistication and provide ample storage space.

What is an RTA Cabinet?

RTA means Ready-To-Assemble. These kitchen cabinetries are shipped in parts, cut into sizes, and come with pre-applied finishes as per the choice of the customer. With properly drilled holes, it is the job of the homeowner to assemble the parts by following the instructions from the manual. However, if you are ill-equipped to assemble the cabinets yourself or lack the DIY skills, you can visit our website and check out the easy-to-use assembly manual (hyperlink:).

RTA Cabinets, also known as Stock Cabinets, have become quite trendy among people. There are a few aspects that everyone should be wary of before buying the right cabinet in order to give their kitchen the right look. So let’s check out the most significant ones that will help anyone to choose the right cabinet.

Tips for Buying RTA Cabinets for Your Kitchen


Price is one of the major determinants that can influence a person’s buying decision. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets are one of the most affordable storage options while still giving the cooking space an elegant look. When it comes to pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, the major cost factors are the quality of the material, shipment, and the assembly. Since the assembly is done mostly by the homeowner, it saves quite a few bucks on labor costs. Moreover, you get to learn some new DIY skills.

Cabinets with hard wooden doors, hardwood frames, and premium finishes are also available for homeowners who are looking for something premium. The range of pricing is huge enough to accommodate people with a budget, as low as $200.

Pro-tip: If you are on a tight budget, do compare the different models from Cabinet DIY’s extensive range and get the right product at the right price.

Choosing High-Quality Materials

The quality of the materials matters if you want it to last long and worth every penny spent on it. Just like any other thing, the spectrum in the difference in quality does signify the superiority of the materials that are being used. Cooking space is important and choosing the right materials for the cabinets is very important. Thus, without the right knowledge of the material, your cabinet might cost less but it might totally give you unexpected results in a negative way. Some of the features that determine the quality of the cabinets include;

  • Type of wood used to make the frame
  • Thickness and grade of the wood to determine the strength of the cabinets
  • Check the joints of the dovetail drawers
  • Materials used for the door hinges
  • Drawer guides and their extensions
  • The paint job and coatings applied to bring the right finish
  • Materials of the door panel

Knowing the product before buying is important, which is why Cabinet DIY offers their customers free samples to make the buying decisions easier. If confused, you can also get some advice from the suppliers as they have plenty of experience to choose the right materials. Even though fit and finish can be observed at a physical store better, online sellers are equipped with high definition renderings of the cabinets that ensure you get the right idea. You can also interact with their customer service and take some expert advice.

DIY Skills

Not everyone is a professional when it comes to bringing the cabinets together, but in the case of RTA Cabinets, it does not require the hands of a cabinetmaker. The cabinets come with the requisite items to assemble but if you can have tools such as Drill, Screw Driver, Nail Gun, and a Level, it might make your life easier.

However, before you even start, have a basic plan. Make some notes, keep the essential tools nearby, and follow the instructions manual. Eventually, the cabinets will come together without taking a much longer time and will be ready to change the overall outlook of your kitchen.

Still, if you are afraid, go ahead and refer to online videos that showcase the assembly of the cabinets. Cabinet DIY has a full-blown instruction guide, so even if you are not familiar with DIY, you won’t be having any problems.

Color and Finish

Modern kitchens are an integral part of the overall aesthetic of the home. Thus, when deciding on the cabinets to fit inside your cooking space, it is really vital to know the fit and finish of the storage units. Whether to go with elegant looking modern and bright color schemes or choose the gothic darks that give a vintage vibe. Furthermore, you can also opt for eco-friendly designs. Styling is a personal preference but there are pros and cons of everything.

Wrap up

Choosing the right cabinetry might be tricky but if you consider the things mentioned above, it will definitely aid you to embark on the right decision. Just be sure about what you are looking to equip your kitchen.

So if you are looking for some carefully crafted RTA Cabinets, Cabinet DIY is truly a heaven for homeowners. Find the right one from a wide range of cabinetries, customize it and get it shipped to your doorsteps. For any other information like this, check out our social media handles.