Things to Know Before Studying MBBS in Malaysia

Equipped with world-class universities and economic education costs, Malaysia has developed into the preferred destination for studying MBBS in abroad. Especially in the field of medicine, the country ensures that it has a deep foundation in Malaysia and becomes a practicing doctor certified by the MBBS. These universities rank among the top 200 universities that maintain a higher level of education and unlimited prospects in the medical field. If you are still wondering whether to choose MBBS in Malaysia, let’s take a look at the learning process of a medical degree, the universities that offer MBBS, and the great advantages of choosing MBBS in Malaysia as Malaysia.

In the past ten years, Malaysia’s medical education industry has undergone tremendous changes. In order to promote the national economy and attract international students, the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has approved 34 medical schools and nearly 50 medical courses. The response was also very positive, obviously, because we help hundreds of international students start their medical education in Malaysia every year on Jagvimal consultants. If you and you are interested in this, you would like to know more about MBBS courses’ prospects for international students in Malaysia; please read on. In this blog, we will learn about Malaysia, MBBS in Malaysia, MBBS courses in Malaysia, medical expenses in Malaysia, hotel facilities in Malaysian medical schools, etc. The purpose is to help novice students clearly understand the following – MBBS in Malaysia plan.

MBBS in Malaysia

The MBBS degree program in Malaysia lasts for 5 years, including pre-clinical training and clinical training. Pre-clinical training includes learning the theoretical foundations of medical science and lasts for two years. The clinical training is divided into two stages: In the first year, students go through the process of learning clinical skills. For the remaining two years, each student will be assigned to work on the university’s clinical campus to gain an overall real-time experience as a medical intern. In addition, if you want to study a major, you must first gather experience, work as a medical staff and choose a graduate degree and receive supervision and comprehensive training in your chosen major, which will take 4 to 5 years.

Why You Should Pursue MBBS in Malaysia?

As a multicultural hub, Malaysia has always been regarded as an important study abroad destination. It focuses on strengthening its educational institutions. Its goal is to provide higher education at a reasonable cost and provide many opportunities and prospects for development after completing their studies. This is why Malaysia is very suitable to discover this field and pursue a medical career. Malaysian University is a first-class educational institution under the guidance of world-class talents. It combines theoretical study with the practical study. Malaysian universities offer several scholarship programs for Indian students. Many Malaysian populations speak English, and MBBS courses are also taught entirely in English. The estimated cost of 5 years MBBS is approximately RM 250,000 to RM 650,000. Moreover, the cost of living and accommodation is low.

MBBS in Malaysia Living Expenses for Indian Students

In addition to each school’s tuition fees, some institutions provide dormitories for international students. Accommodation costs are included in the fees that some universities charge international students, while some universities provide students with options. Although dormitory fees may vary from university to university, all schools provide certain facilities –

  1. Single or shared room with an en suite bathroom.
  2. Geyser, heater, electricity, water, and safety equipment.
  3. The university campus has a Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Indian students can get Indian food from the campus cafeteria.
  5. There are a communal kitchen and a bathroom on each floor.