Things to look out for When Choosing a Travel Face Mask

Since the novel coronavirus or covid-19 arrived in our lives uninvited, physical distancing, washing your hands, and wearing masks have been mandatory practices to keep ourselves and others safe. While physical distancing and maintaining hygiene were standardized, people often question which mask would be the best and secure.

As traveling opens up, having a breathable yet stylish face mask on hand is essential, especially if traveling on an airplane or public transport. In short, it depends on the material of the mask and the activities you are involved in when you are wearing your protective face covering.

Best Mask for Airplane TravelsĀ 

As restrictions on travel begin to ease up, you may be overwhelmed to book a plane ticket or hop on a train. But as for the travel essentials, you now would need a face mask as a must-have. From reusable super comfortable face masks to protective N99 and N95 masks, here are a few things to remember when choosing the best travel mask so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Reusable or Disposable?

When traveling, your face mask will build up dirt, sweat, and other particles you have been breathing in. To choose a face mask, you must consider what’s going to be more convenient for you. If you are selecting disposable face masks, they won’t provide as much protection or comfort as a good travel mask. If you choose to use reusable masks, they must be washable. This is to avoid creating additional waste, particularly during a long trip.

Material of the mask

Protective face masks will have two or more layers of durable fabric such as 100% cotton or have a professional grade of filtration. Fabrics with soft and fine pore diameter such as nanofiber materials that pulls moisture away from your skin would help to keep you more relaxed. You can also choose masks with inner and outer layer made of linen, flax, hemp or cotton which when teamed with nanotechnology media blocks 95% of airborne particles. Stylish face masks would also have ear loops or ties to keep them in place.


Breathability is a crucial factor to look out for in your mask. Choose multi-layered or at least three-layer Nano-fibers. Avoid wearing a mask made of fleece as it does not provide as much filtration as other multi-layered masks. Using ultra-breathable materials won’t make you feel suffocated even on your longest journey. That being said, your mask must have a tight seal over the nose and mouth.


Lastly, you must check if the mask fits snugly around your face or if it’s too constricting. The best travel mask should cover your nose and fit across the bridge of your nose and cheeks, sitting comfortably on your cheeks and hugging the sides of your face without gaps.



The best and stylish face mask for travel should keep you secure and safe while making you comfortable enough to wear it for long journeys. With the Covid-19 still in full swing, you can check a variety of breathable and sturdy face masks online.