Things You Need to Know about Shaking Incubators

A shaking incubator is a type of incubator that is used in laboratories for cell growth. Actually, sometimes shaking becomes important to infuse oxygen and nutrients into the cell. This method is used in cell culture. Basically, a shaker is often used in a laboratory for this purpose, but a shaking incubator is the better option. This particular type of incubator is the fusion of a traditional incubator and a laboratory shaker. It comes with numerous applications that include the studies of solubility, cell aeration, and cell culture. If you are thinking of buying a shaking incubator you need to know more about this type of incubator.

Shaking Incubator- What Is This?

Shaking incubators are specially designed for incubating and agitate the samples for different purposes. If your laboratory has a shaking incubator, you don’t need a shaker over there. A shaking incubator is much more advanced than a shaker and can serve your purpose more effectively. This is a versatile piece of lab equipment that is used to shake and incubate samples in the laboratory. Besides this, the shaking incubator also simplifies the processes and makes your control stronger over the operations you perform in your laboratory. The main difference between using a shaker and a shaking incubator is that you don’t need to set the temperature of the shaking incubator repeatedly like a shaker. In the shaking incubator, you just do your work more comfortably. You need to put the samples inside, adjust the temperature, and let the machine do its work.

How Does a Shaking Incubation Work?

Shaking incubator is used for multiple purposes. The design is quite exclusive and that makes it easier for supplying nutrients and oxygen to the cells. As there is a consistent temperature inside the incubator, incubation is easier and faster. Besides these, there is an orbital agitation, created at different speeds inside the apparatus that enhances cell growth.

Different Types of Shaking Incubators

So far you have learned about shaking incubators and their usage. Now, there are also different types of shaking incubators that come with different purposes-

  1. Benchtop Shaking Incubator

There are certain laboratories that don’t deal with high volumes of samples. A benchtop shaking incubator is required for such laboratories. It is designed compactly and can be used for performing advanced operations. Due to its ergonomic design, this type of incubator takes very small space while performs high quality.

  1. Floor Incubator

This is another type of incubator that comes with the largest capacity and it is also suitable for the laboratories that deal with large volumes of samples. There are observation windows through which researchers can have a look at the samples and also monitor the changes in them. This takes enough place on the floor.

  1. Stackable Shaking Incubators

If your lab requires running a different set of operations on a separate set of samples, this is the shaking incubator you need to install. Stackable shaking incubator is compact and comes with small footprints; therefore it won’t take much space in your laboratory. Besides that, such a design of a shaking incubator enables different incubators to be stacked together.

Essential Features of a Shaking Incubator

Though it is clear that a shaking incubator is used for better cell growth, there are some other amazing features of this apparatus that make the device work in different sectors also. Here are some of the amazing features of shaking incubators-

  1. Sophisticated Software

The shaking incubator uses sophisticated software that is advanced and can run programs that are required for cell growth.

  1. Temperature Control

The temperature range in the shaking incubator is quite wide, so it can be used for different applications that require different temperature set up.

Here, you have got to know about the essentials of shaking incubators. It is compatible with different accessories and promotes enough versatility.

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