Things You Need To Know When Hiring a CAD Designer


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A CAD Designer is someone who uses CAD software to create technical plans and drawings. These technical drawings are often termed draughting and are used in construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries. 

CAD-designers must be capable of assisting with cost evaluations, product design, simulation, and more. This will allow you to visualize and engineer every part of your product to its necessary specifications. 

A CAD Technician is required to perform the following responsibilities:

  • Develop skills and knowledge of using CAD software like SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
  • Creating high-quality draughting based on the designs supplied by architects and designers.
  • Make modifications in an existing design as per need
  • Use CAD software programs for designed 2D as well 3D models
  • Drawings should be accurate, scale, and detailed. 
  • Ensure designs are industry, health, and safety standard compliant. 
  • Liaise with relevant designers, architects, and engineers to better understand their design needs. Advise them on technicalities of construction and manufacturing.
  • Estimate costs and check feasibility of the product
  • Visit site, when required
  • Produce installation & manufacturing documentation
  • Maintain accurate records. 

If you plan on hiring CAD designers, here is what you must make sure of:

  • They should be up-to-date with the latest & most efficient technologies. This will bring to you the solutions necessary for designing the product per your vision.
  • They should be capable of bringing your prototype to fruition.
  • They should help in streamlining your ideas into a workable result and substantial progress.

Though it is needless to mention, that it is not enough for CAD designers to have technical skills, that does not mean that just having technical skills is enough.

Here are some other elements you must ensure your CAD designers have before making them an integrated part of your organization or project:

  • Curious: Curiosity goes a long way for CAD designers. It shows that they are willing to learn and know what works for a specific product as well as what is a better solution to work on. Beyond on-site training, they must be trained and outfitted in the latest software programs. 
  • Ability to work independently: Though projects are often team-based, AutoCAD designers often spend time designing independently. It is, therefore, important for CAD designers to be able to work alone. 
  • Unbound: They must be limited by problems created due to technology, the manufacturing process, the needs of the client, and marketing. They should always be prepared to chart a new course if any limitation is faced.
  • Utility: CAD designers should be adaptive to changes in technology and keep up with them. They should also willingly work with manufacturers to make required changes in designs for meeting the specific needs. 
  • Communication skills: As CAD designers work closely with control engineers, project managers, and various other members of staff, it is important to communicate. The skill of communicating and understanding that the whole team is working towards a common end goal will make them a great individual to work with. Voicing concerns and asking questions with a keenness to learn will always come in handy to you as an employer. 
  • Contextual: A good designer will know where and how to integrate his ideas with various technologies into a product. They must understand how his or her work needs to fit within the finished product.
  • Work ethic and self-discipline: CAD designers should not need micromanagement to work with you. They should be able to plan to meet deadlines and should be able to listen to the needs of the client. They should be able to ensure that a product delivers what is needed to put out the best results. 

To ensure that you hire right, here is what you must keep clear from your end:

  1. Be specific about what you need from them
  2. For improvements in designs try offering measurable feedback.
  3. Define timelines for the attainable tasks. Putting a time constraint ensures that the risk of not getting work done in time is waived off.
  4. Set your expectations by objectives.
  5. Encourage and equip flexibility by setting freelancers and or remote workers to complete projects. 
  6. Use communicating and transmitting platforms offering project management tools, tracking systems, and feedback systems. This will allow you to keep track, manage, and communicate with CAD designers easily. 
  7. Value solutions over processes. 
  8. Connect often with your CAD designers

The task of getting a CAD designer begins with ensuring that you communicate and clearly define expectations. Schedule coordination, availability, and project deadlines are certain aspects that must be pre-defined through a contract with your freelance CAD designers to avoid any last-minute hassle. Costing is another important aspect of this contract. Some aspects should be kept negotiable in your mind when looking for the best-suiting CAD designer per your expectations and needs. You must try building a relationship with them to create a dynamic team that cohesively works towards fulfilling and providing the product needed.

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