Think about activities and outings while Traveling Abroad

If the trip is carried out only as a couple, it is easier to think of an itinerary as it can be defined together. But, in the case of family travel, which includes children or the elderly, it is necessary to be aware that some attractions may not be suitable for them, such as tours that demand more physical demands or are long.

When planning the trip, consider activities and outings that all family members can participate in, if it is done with many people, a good alternative is to separate activities to please everyone. Think about your family members and what attractions meet their needs and expectations. See 10 tips for an affordable trip!

Based on these characteristics, you can choose the ideal destination and the best entertainment options for children, teenagers, adults and seniors. For example, you can opt for hotels, inns or resorts with excellent infrastructure that offer attractions for different audiences with a team of monitors and recreation spaces.

1. Create a script:

Creating an itinerary in advance is essential to reduce costs and avoid wasting time on activities and tours that don’t meet your family’s tastes and expectations. So think about the family travel itinerary as soon as possible.

Would your family like to discover new beaches? Venture out on adrenaline-pumping rides? Know new cultures? Taste the typical dishes of the local gastronomy? Visit famous sights? Or rest/play in the pools of an all-inclusive resort?

Thinking through these questions and finding the answers helps define the type of trip and the places you and your family want to go. This impacts at all points, from tickets to accommodation. So, create a list with the options of places and write the itinerary of every day to look for the best options and schedule the tours.

2. Research as much as possible about the destination

It is very important to know about the destination you and your family will travel to. Look for information about local culture, weather, cuisine, sights, safety and transportation.

Research the place where you are going to stay, if it has dedicated spaces for children, such as a swimming pool, playground, sports courts, if they have monitors to supervise and play with the children, if it is safe to walk around the area at night, if There are restaurants nearby among others.

Collecting as much information about the destination helps to avoid complications and stress. The more detailed you are in knowing about the place, the better it will be. At this point, all care is little, as the popular saying “prevention is better than cure”.

3. Pay attention to the requirements of the destination and the necessary documents

Research what are the necessary requirements for the chosen destination to travel. Some destinations require specific documents and vaccinations. So, always research in advance so you don’t suffer any unpleasant surprises or something that compromises the success of your family trip.

It is worth keeping an eye on the vaccination cards of children and adults and making sure that all family members are up to date with vaccines before traveling. Even if the destination is national, traveling from one city to another exposes you and your family to anything new.

When we talk about documents, all care and advance is little. Depending on the specifics of the document, leaving it in order is bureaucratic and takes time, so the sooner you process the necessary documentation for your trip, the better.

4. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance

As much as you plan your family trip in the best possible way, unfortunately, unforeseen events can happen. Therefore, it is important to purchase travel insurance to ensure all the peace of mind you and your family deserve. Know what is travel insurance.

The more people involved in the trip, the more reassurance you need to have that you won’t be left without assistance in the event of any emergency. Buy travel insurance with CVC!

5. Think about the possibility of renting a car for Sightseeing:

The question of whether or not to rent a car while traveling is almost always present when we think about traveling, especially as a family. Depending on the destination and travel style, car rental is pretty much the only alternative. Check out tips for renting a car for travel.

The advantages of renting a car for sightseeing during the trip are diverse: cost-benefit, being able to choose the model that best meets your needs, traveling with comfort and safety, living a unique experience, among others. See the checklist for renting a car.

Before renting a car you need to understand what your needs and expectations are, and whether your budget allows for a car rental. With that in mind, look for the best vehicle options for family travel. Car rental: Convenience and savings on your trip!