Tips for a Better Love Relationship

Is your love in need of a refresher course? Then start with yourself and give your relationship a boost with these seven tips. You live together, you love each other, but it still creeps in: there may be no quarrels, but there is a lot of irritation. You really wouldn’t want to miss your crush, but it doesn’t sparkle anymore.

If you want to improve a relationship, start with yourself. Because it is so tempting to assume the role of a victim. But that distracts from your own role and influence in a relationship. And that influence is great.

Tip 1: What can I do for you?

People often approach relationships from the question: ‘I want this from someone else, I am looking for this or that in someone’. The desire to have a partner often stems deeply from selfishness. You want someone to make you feel beautiful or stop lonely or finally become happy.

But a relationship is not a structure to satisfy your will, but a place where you are given the opportunity to give and serve. So, when you wake up in the morning, look at your loved one and ask, “What can I do for you today?” A great opening to the day.

Tip 2: Expectation and disappointment go hand in hand

Make a list of what you expect from your partner. And think about what it will do to you if it does not or does not want to comply with this. Consider how your response affects the relationship. It is very large and often negative. Don’t try to fill in the relationship in advance by expectations. If you manage to let it go, there will be more room for love and inspiration.

Tip 3: Don’t always talk, listen to your heart

It is beneficial to switch off your mind in a relationship. Stop talking, just look each other in the eye for a while and ask yourself, ‘Who is that man or woman I have been holding hand in hand with for so long? Is he happy? What does she want? What does he think? What does she need? ‘Try to respond from your heart.

Tip 4: Be aware of the differences

When two people from different states or countries meet on a matchmaking website and fall in love with each other, these two forces often work in perfect harmony. But the trouble soon begins if they are not serious about their relationship. The bride wants him to change and the groom wants her to stay the same. The two poles will gradually adapt to each other. Become aware of the differences; respect them in the other and realize that you need the other side to be whole.

Tip 5: Tune in to each other

Separately, partners often have busy lives. Try to switch off all devices, because having time for each other or not is also a choice. Get back in tune by talking to each other with real attention. Also ask each other about what lies beneath the surface. For example, ask “Are you still happy at work?” instead of ‘How was your work?

Tip 6: Act as you want your partner to be

If you want to be an inspiring partner, then act the way you would like to be treated. If you want the other to give you something, be giving. If you don’t want the other person to judge you, don’t judge him or her. If you want the other person to see you, see him or her.

Tip 7: Don’t forget sexuality

If you want to remain an inspiring partner in sexuality, it is important that you accept your own sexual feelings and fantasies without judgment and express them honestly; in this way you also create security for the other to be themselves in this area, without fear of being judged or rejected.