Tips for Choosing New Vs Used Caravan

New or used, this is one of the most challenging questions facing anyone looking at getting a caravan. The jury has been out on this question for ages, as there is no simple answer. It depends on a myriad of factors, including your budget, how often you will be using the caravan, whether it is a purchase for the short term or long term, and your usage.

Buying new is a good option if there are specific characteristics you require for your caravan. Buying used is, of course, a terrific choice if you have a limited budget. However, your budget should not be the only factor you look at as a good dealer can provide you with excellent finance options, allowing you to buy a new caravan at affordable monthly payments.

When selected correctly, both used and new caravans can be the perfect companion for your trips. Here are a few tips on choosing either.

Buying a New Caravan

When you buy a new caravan, the chances of facing any issues is small compared to buying a used one. Being the first owner, you would not be facing any maintenance issues due to wear and tear. A new caravan is checked at the factory and the dealership for any problems and comes with a warranty that assures you worry-free repairs if any issues are found. It would also have all the latest features, technology, and safety technology installed.

Another reason is that buying a new caravan offers many customisation options. Purchasing a second-hand caravan means your options might be limited. You won’t need to compromise on features with a new one as you would on a used one.  A new caravan might be more expensive upfront, but you must also factor in maintenance and unforeseen issues rather than just the purchase price when you fix your budget.

Buying a Used Caravan

A used caravan can be much more budget-friendly first up. It is indeed a good option for someone new to camping. Used is also more practical for someone who will be travelling only once or twice a year. If you are unsure what you want and do not know how long you will be using it, a used caravan might be a safer bet.

You would have done your research and asked all the relevant questions, but you need to remember that a used caravan can come with its own issues. You need to see the service history and have a professional inspection done in addition to a personal review. Avoid buying from private sellers and go to a trusted dealer when buying used as they would have done the checks and fixed any issues.

Now that you know what you are looking for, you need to look at the how.  There are so many brands, both used and new, that you are bound to get confused when you look to buy a caravan.

Here is a checklist to help you out:

General Caravan Buying Tips

Explore your options: You need to check out caravans online and in-store so that you get an idea of what is out there.

Try one out: Hire a caravan for a weekend and do a trial run to know what is involved and what you think is essential in a caravan.

Identify your preferred features: Get an idea of what features your ideal caravan needs. This way, when you visit a showroom, the salesperson will show you the caravans that meet your requirements. Divide them into essential, ideal, and extras. This will help you finalise the one for you based on your budget.

How much can your car handle: This seems very obvious, but your vehicle has a specified towing limit, and unless you want to buy a new car, you should ensure that your vehicle can handle the caravan’s weight.

New Caravan Buying Tips

Warranty: Ensure you know the warranty details, keep asking questions until you are sure about what the warranty covers

Finance: A new caravan is expensive, and you might need to apply for a loan. Ensure that you are updated on the available finance deals and ensure you can keep up with repayments. Factor in fuel and maintenance expenses too. A good tip is to ensure that your budget is finalised beforehand and adhered to when you buy the caravan.

Used Caravan Buying Tips

Inspect the caravan thoroughly: A thorough inspection of the caravan, in and out, is essential. Ensure that you inspect all the cupboards, electrical fittings and check for rust and dents. Insist on service history and details of any significant issues found.

Professional evaluation: To ensure that caravans are safe, many used caravan dealers use an inspection checklist. So, when you buy a second-hand caravan from a reputable caravan dealership, you can be assured that they have inspected it thoroughly and any concerns have been addressed or resolved before being put on the market. If you are buying privately, ensure you have a professional evaluation done.

Ask questions: The seller should give you the following

  • Year of manufacture
  • Service history
  • Any significant problems fixed or unfixed

Whether new or used, when you buy a caravan, it opens up a wide vista of many exciting adventures. At Avan, we have a large selection of new and used caravans available, and our staff will assist you in finding the right one for you. Visit our website or call us at 65841555.