Top 10 Social Media Sharing Trends

What are the methods we use to share things and interact with each other online?

People are constantly sharing things on social media platforms. As a result of all these shares, different and interesting cultural trends and best sharing methods have emerged. Thanks to these sharing trends, it is possible for us to do a comprehensive research on what and how people share on social media.

Here are the top 10 trends people use when posting on social media sites:

Selfies taken without any reason

“Wait a second and I’ll take a selfie”. We are very deep into the selfie movement, and the situation has become such that people don’t even need any reason to share tons of selfies anymore. Did you go out for dinner? Take a selfie right away. Have you bought a new outfit? Share your outfit with people by taking a selfie right away. Is the cat sleeping on your shoulder? Don’t miss this moment and take a selfie right now. It doesn’t really matter what you are doing at that moment. You can always take a selfie wherever you are.

To share nostalgic shares with Throwback Thursday

Throwback thursday is the trend of sharing old memories that you remember and want to share on Thursday of the week. Are you looking for an excuse to share even more about yourself? Then start the #ThrowbackThursday trend right now . Thanks to #throwbackthursday, everyone’s favorite hashtag, it is possible to fill the broadcast streams of your followers with those moments you took a photo of in the past and remember with a smile.

Sharing reaction gifs

We guess you witnessed the sharing of animated gifs in response to content posted in the comments sections of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and even blogs. You can reflect your reactions, which sometimes words may not be enough to describe, to the other party thanks to sad or funny reaction gifs. These kinds of animated gifs are much more effective than words when it comes to expressing emotions.

Everywhere is teeming with emojis

Speaking of sharing reaction gifs to express your emotions, don’t forget the icons of those cute little smiling faces or objects that you can add to your messages. We started to see these small pictures gathered under the name of emoji all over our lives. In fact, this trend has become so popular that Facebook and Twitter have even started offering emoji support functionality, no matter what device you are using.

Making short videos

Let’s face it, people no longer have enough attention and focus to watch a long video. We may even think that they don’t even have time to do this. As the whole world is more mobile than ever before, the duration of the videos has started to get shorter. Short videos shot with apps like Instagram has become one of the most popular trends of the present time.

Show your admiration

The internet is an environment where the best and large communities and groups are formed and gathered. For those who admire a particular brand, movie, TV series, book, comic book, or anything else, the internet offers a great opportunity to meet and share their common ideas with the world.


All of these trends are already being used by the audience and people are loving them. If you want to get your content more exposure on Facebook, then you need to have an ample amount of likes. Do not need to worry about, as you can buy Facebook Likes from any legit source to start getting more engagement.