Top 20 Proven Ways to Make Money with WordPress


WordPress has fast become one of the most popular ways of making money online. You can make a living online in many different ways if you use it.


Are you aware of any WordPress-powered businesses? WordPress is a great blogging platform, and it has many ways to generate income without much effort. In this comprehensive post you will discover 12 powerful WordPress tips. WordPress has tons of chances for people who aren’t developers, so don’t worry if you’re not in the game!


1. A freelance writer’s guide to writing

Content can easily be entered into other sites with the help of a computer or mobile device and internet connection. Thousands of websites exist in the world, each needing a constantly updated content flow.


It’s a fact that creating content works in just about every niche, not just WordPress. Go to the blogs you enjoy. Our contributor application pages give you the option of submitting articles and getting paid for them. Thus, it is not only possible, but also profitable, to receive links from high traffic websites.


Jobs posted on job board sites may also include writing WordPress content. So don’t forget about Upwork and ProBlogger Jobs, because there are tons of writing jobs available right now.


To demonstrate your skill set and experience, you might consider setting up an online portfolio before applying. If you choose to write a short story, you have the option of providing links to your biography, your social profiles, and something you have been posting lately. By publishing articles on blogs and social media, employers can view your writing style as well as the coverage your articles receive.


2. Write a Blog & Earn Money From It

Start a webpage for your business if you want it to survive in the online world. Get down to blogging and make a lot of money!


Do you have questions regarding the WordPress platform? Check out our helpful blog tutorial. We show you what to do when you want to build a website. You will install WordPress, select a theme and plugins, add new pages and posts, select a domain and hosting provider.


The best way to earn passive income is to use your blog. Through affiliate marketing, selling ads, with sponsored posts, etc, your blog can be a very profitable business. Taking full advantage of the content you already have is not required; it is simply a way to use it better.


Online marketplaces and service providers almost always offer affiliate programs. Themeforest, Shareasale, CJ Affiliate and Creative Market are some of our favorites for easy integration. Add links to your posts within the FREE account you sign up for.


Advertising can be sold directly through a company like BuySellAds or through your own ad packages. You can also use Google Adsense to get paid, so you get paid every month.


Aside from sponsored posts, you can also sell bulk advertising. Businesses can request reviews, guides, and list posts from you using a contact form on your site. The sponsorship agreement specifically states that you must never post anything that isn’t an honest opinion, and any mention of the post’s sponsorship needs to be applied.


In addition to promoting courses, products, and services, you can also use your website to generate additional income.


3. The WordPress Courses

How sure are you that you can handle the task? You can teach yourself new skills if you have an online course that people will take. By putting together courses they can use and make money from. Even if you create a blog guide, people will still benefit from gardening and cooking tips. There are two ways to actually create and monetize an online course once you have narrowed down your subject matter.


One option is to move your courses to a third-party elearning site and use your website as a marketing platform. Some of these sites give you the option to upload your courses and set your own prices, while others give you the option of joining a general membership with your course on it. These are easy platforms on which you can start. Just remember that you don’t keep 100% of your income.


You could also build your site and sell your courses at your own site and set your own prices. This would give you more control, allowing you to set your pricing and earn all the benefits. It’s easy to add courses to WordPress with the plugins available. Learn more using our WordPress course-creation guide. Your content can become a valuable paid membership offer if you use a membership plugin. Various learning styles and technologies are used in creating this content. A self-paced online course is one example.


4. E-commerce & Dropshipping

It may also be possible to share knowledge with your readers by offering downloads and goods. The WordPress platform is a great tool for building e-commerce websites, but it takes some effort to get started.


e-commerce could provide people with more safety and convenience though. WordPress offers users the opportunity to build an online store by simply installing a plugin like WooCommerce. WooCommerce offers many valuable features and is free compared to many other e-commerce options.


You can also build an e-commerce store using WordPress in addition to your storefront for your own goods.

In this case you sell goods directly to customers but a third party ships them out (similar to how Amazon often handles shipping for smaller sellers using their platform). The shipping information is sent directly to the provider by using a plugin or setting. The following plugins will allow you to create a dropshipping business if this is the business plan you are looking for.

5. Services for setting up blogs

Do you want to make money using WordPress but lack development experience? A blog set up service is an excellent option if you are not an experienced blogger! Although you may need help getting started, you can definitely provide this service to your customers.

Bloggers mostly use WordPress, but lack the right technical skills required to meet the requirements. So they hire you to set it up for them. When doing this, you are responsible for installing WordPress, uploading the desired theme, adding the recommended plugins, etc.

Your blog setup service page should get you clients if you start small. Make sure your site has banners that advertise your services, reach out to other blogs for guest posting opportunities, post comments on forums with unique links, invest in paid advertisements if you are able. These things will drive traffic your way. The costs are often much lower than you’d think if you’re targeting a smaller or local audience. Should someone be interested in your offer, the rest will contact you.

Alternatively, you might be able to set up your own blog for free, however you would have to rely on affiliates in your services list. By offering free blog setup during the purchase of Bluehost hosting on your specific affiliate link, you may enable customers to use your specific link. Its host plans are budget friendly for new bloggers, they also offer generous affiliate commissions that can reach up to $65. After that, you can have them sign up on your service page and suggest themes, plugins, security services, and affiliate products. Make sure you test any product before recommending it.

6. Maintenance of a website

A blog setup is only the beginning. Maintenance services are another huge source of revenue. A lot of website owners would like to get their name out there without having to maintain their site day-to-day. This is where WordPress maintenance comes in handy. Maintenance includes integrating updated plugins and themes, maintaining security, monitoring site performance, setting up CDNs, etc. You can get paid a monthly fee for doing anything that you are already doing for your website.


Each is a single plugin that acts as a central point to manage your site’s updates, SEO, site speed, comment section, and backups. You can help clients cut the cost of maintaining their sites by offering an integrated, comprehensive service.


7. Services in search engine marketing and search engine optimization

Your site optimization skills may be put to use if you’ve spent time developing them. Optimizing your website can be overwhelming for some people, and it can also be a significant part of developing your website. SEO services tend to be quite pricey because of this. It’s an area in SEO many website owners are ready to pay for, whether you aid them with content optimization, link building, site speed, or other site aspects.


Along with SEO, marketing services play an important role. Advertising requires a great deal of work because it involves designing graphics, conducting research on keywords, determining bids, placing ads and more. Google ads, bulletins, Facebook ads, etc. are all form of marketing campaigns. As a seasoned professional in the field, you’re sure to be of assistance to clients on their own site. In order to increase traffic or result in conversions, marketers typically charge a flat rate.


8. Consultants & Solutions for Security

Security consulting can be exceptionally lucrative for people with excellent security skills, and in particular good coding skills. Each site owner acknowledges that security is of paramount importance. Consider the following:


  1. There are software services that conduct an audit for you, but if you don’t want to do it by hand. You should cover the main internet security measures regardless of the option you choose; that includes all the WordPress settings, all the passwords, all the permissions, all the file permissions, all password changes, all the back ups, SSL certificates, security plugins, and more.
  2. A WordPress security plugin may be all it takes to offer a hosting service with professional implementations of trusted security plugins.
  3. Installing an SSL certificate is not that easy, so perhaps we should advise website owners on how to properly do so.
  4. You should have a good understanding of WordPress files if you plan on dealing with WordPress Malware. This would be something you can easily incorporate into your overall security services, either manually or by using a plugin.

9. Plugin development for WordPress

WordPress users know that the power of the plugins makes it impossible to run a blog without them, right? The majority of WordPress blogs are powered by plugins that add extra features. There are free plugins, paid plugins, premium plugins, and others available to upgrade.

Sell WordPress plugins that are focused on a specific need if you are thinking to make money by selling them. An example of these site builders is Elementor. It has grown into a popular WordPress plugin used by more than 4 million sites, and is used for building custom page layouts. A plugin developer came out with an enhanced version that gave them monetization possibilities.

You can find WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon. A blog that sells it, or a separate site for it, is also a viable option. Plugin development projects are also a great way to make money.

10. Designing WordPress themes

Did you know that WordPress Themes can make you money if you’re a web designer or developer? It does not require a master designer or programmer to design a great WordPress theme – but it is always a good idea to know your audience when designing for them. The audience for your theme will be zero if you don’t know yours beforehand.

You don’t have to do it alone if you’re just starting out and expressing an interest in WordPress themes. Form a team. There are plenty of companies already in the theme business that you can join to do it for them. Thus, you will be less likely to have difficulties while making money.

TemplateMonster, Themeforest, and Creative Market are all places where you can sell your WordPress themes. You can also sell them directly from your website. Making WordPress themes for clients could be an additional source of income, just like making WordPress plugins.

11. Customization of Themes

Are you a developer with lots of spare time that you would consider offering customization services? Developers who customize WordPress websites and plugins are generally compensated.


Many WordPress users have limited technical skills and can only install the theme, but cannot modify it. For example:

  • Layouts that are customized
  • Types of customized posts
  • Creation of logos/brands
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Newsletters can be set up
  • Setup of an e-commerce store
  • Configuration of plugins

This is a momentary example of what WordPress can do because it has so many different aspects to it. If you will be making your time available, you may be able to offer set rates per task, or make a lowered fee for a reduced rate.

12. WordPress Design and Development

We’ll discuss another way to make money online with WordPress later, and that is by offering related services to your clients. Building a full website with WordPress from scratch will require good WordPress skills. Many web designers and developers charge thousands of dollars to create custom websites for clients. Hence, the knowledge and effort required to buy this option would make it very worthwhile since it provides a very good return on investment. Also, you can combine the following services into a whole package to maximize revenue.


You can advertise your availability for clients work on sites like Codeable, Upwork and Toptal. If you prefer to skip the middle man, your services can also be provided through your own website. When planning on making a passive income stream by this method, it is crucial that your portfolio is strong. If your client is satisfied with your service, ask them for comments about it or for suggestions to share on your website or on social media sites. As testimonials from top bloggers boost your social proof, this can really boost your online sales.

13. The creation of a paid business directories

A Web directory may seem a little outdated nowadays. It may remind you of the early days of the internet, before bots began indexing everything on the web automatically, but it doesn’t mean they’re no longer useful.

Neither specialized nor local directories are necessary, but they can prove remarkably helpful.

Reviews of local businesses might be compiled in directories, or favorite podcasts might be shared.

You can learn how to create a web directory with WordPress’ great tutorial. WordPress comes with various plugins that let you contribute to a directory for a small fee.

14. On WordPress, you can sell e-books

Making digital products is a no-brainer with Ebooks. Their writing and production are relatively straightforward. Your older blog posts can be collected and turned into chapters of a book if you have blogged for a while.


A Canva cover will need to be created for your book once you have written it. A PDF of the ebook needs to be created.


15. Webinars for cash

Your audience will grow through webinars, and your business will gain new customers. Maybe you did not know that you can earn money online through affiliate programs.


Live webinars are more interactive than traditional online training, but a webinar typically offers participants the opportunity to ask questions along the way.


Hosting a paid webinar with WordPress is easy. You should use your site to advertise the webinar, or just to register participants, regardless of whether you plan to host the webinar.

16. Coaching

You may want to consider becoming a coach instead of a consultant if that title is not right for you.


Life coaches help people achieve their goals and improve their quality of life through advice, guidance, and accountability. In addition to coaching for blogging and writing, additional types of coaches exist.


Your audience can benefit from coaching sessions in whatever area of expertise they possess.


Your WordPress blog can include a booking form that allows your customers to schedule coaching sessions directly from your site. This saves time and makes things convenient for your clients.


17. With WordPress, you can make a T-shirt store online.

The WordPress platform is the perfect platform for launching your own t-shirt shop. Most people wear t-shirts nowadays, so any kind of blog would benefit from setting up a t-shirt shop. Designing T-shirts rewards you with creativity and giving your clients something special.


You can easily order it online thanks to printers and shipping services. Profits are shared with you.


18. Answer questions from the community

There are a lot of question and answers communities out there. It’s also possible to develop highly motivated, engaged communities in this manner.


In order to build a sizable community, you’ll need the time to hunt down potential members. With this, you can distribute ad sales, affiliate ads, and other forms of monetization using user-generated content.


Direct advertising and sponsorship opportunities are given by many advertisers to popular question and answer websites. The higher the rate is, the more perks the company can offer.

19. Build an auction site

Bidders can purchase items from an auction website. Customers can therefore find great deals and sellers can maximize their profits.


Online auction marketplaces like Ebay are perfect examples of that.


Your WordPress website can be used for running auctions as well as allowing third parties to list their products as well. Making money will come from charging for listings or making a cut from each sale.


The following plugins will help you make an auction marketplace out of WordPress.


  • Shoppng Cart and payments (Feature of WooCommerce).
  • This add-on helps users manage auctions
  • An add-on that supports multiple vendors

20. WordPress Sites that Sell Graphics

In the case that you do not enjoy coding, you can use WordPress as a content management system.

Use ecommerce plugins on your website to sell graphics like stock images and logos. Graphics can be sold through online marketplaces too.

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