Top 4 Necessary Ways to Collaborate With Your Team as a Team Leader

Team collaboration does not seem to be easy for all, always mainly when you are a young leader who has just built trust and interpersonal skills among your group. Setting the right teams together to accomplish the goal together is even more essential. Sometimes it can also happen that your attempts of collaborating with your team can be burdened down by competing goals, physical distance and cultural barriers. Especially when it comes to any technical project where help from different sections is required, that moment strong team collaboration is very much essential. 

A strong team with proper training is always required to successfully execute any project and such types of the above issues are enough for you to rethink what strategy you should follow to bring each member of your team together to achieve the common goal. But it is always important to switch up how you can approach your team for collaboration. But instead of focusing all your energy and attention on working together with your team, you have to first try to understand your team along with your role on the project.


  1. First you have to Understand Yourself as a Leader: 


The main role of the team leader while collaboration with his/her team is to guide the team towards success. The main two ways for the leader to do this is to explain the goals and to encourage participation from the team. 


  • Clarify Goals: collaborating with the team, being a leader you have to discharge your anxiousness about your own performance and think better and in a more strategic way. You need to clarify the goal for which the entire team should work together and establish a procedure for working towards it. The explicit goal is very much necessary in order to make effective team collaboration. If the leader will not describe the goal, the team will face a more difficult time understanding their responsibilities. 
  • Encourage Participation from the Team: To get effective team collaboration, you can encourage and invite your team member to share their unique ideas and viewpoints. Teams are made up of people with different personalities and work styles which can together create a great team to successfully execute any project. Some people may be introverted and not comfortable to speak, so it is always better to ask them by their team leader about their suggestions and ideas.


  • Understand Your Team’s Strength and utilize it accordingly in the Project: Leaders need to understand the strength of each and every member of his/her team especially when you have any technical project. If you have any project where React JS is required but your team is not so much prepared for this, then either you can choose someone strong in this field in your team or you can provide training on React Js Certification course to make them ready for the project. However, sometimes we don’t get enough time to provide training and prepare our team so that it can work on the project because the timeline is not enough for us to complete it, in such case we have to choose someone who is capable to execute the project successfully. Align your team in a way so that they can utilize their best skills. Not only the leader, each team member needs to know about the strengths of other members of their team so that they can connect with each other more effectively. 

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2.Understand Your Team’s awareness to Join:

An early as well as important step to prepare your team for more effective collaboration is to discover how your team perceives working together. It is necessary to understand how the team is collaborating with each other in a negative or positive way to reach the goal. Leaders need to remove the fear and have to maintain a good collaboration between the team members to create a good team culture where all ideas must be credited and acknowledged. 


3. Understand the Motivation of your team:

Now, for any project, the dedication and motivation of team members are very much required as a person who is not interested or not has enough skills in any particular theme or topic may not be able to become part of the team. A person with React Native Certification holder would be much more initiative and show more interest in your React Project rather than any other person who is not knowledgeable or highly skilled on that topic. So, as a team leader, you have to check your team spirit, motivation and interest or work on any project that collaborates with other team members. 

Team collaboration is not always easy but there are several ways to collaborate with your team as a team leader with investing efforts to understand your team including their strengths, perceptions, interests and motivations around collaboration.