Top 5 Interior Design Colors and Fireplace Design Trends

Nothing can fight the blues of winter better than a blazing campfire. At the same time, regardless of the weather and season, the chimney will attract people’s attention to every living space. If you are considering updating the appearance of the fireplace for 2017, you may have noticed that there are multiple styles and color combinations to choose from. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled the five most popular color trends in fireplaces and interior design.

The greatest design for the fireplace


Fireplaces Wall

If you have a small house, a wall-mounted fireplace can save a lot of space. They are versatile, and some models don’t even need a fireplace and can be placed anywhere in the house. Their purchase price is relatively cheap, and they are very easy to install. The settings make them one of the most popular styles for creating beautiful and attractive fireplaces.

Chimneys that run horizontally

With the popularization of wall-mounted models, modern fire protection designs have changed. The wide, horizontally elongated chimney is one of the most eye-catching visual design variants brought about by this trend. Traditional lifestyle.

Chimneys in bedrooms and toilets

The wall-mounted design has also led to an increase in the number of people who find fireplaces in less traditional spaces. If you don’t use the living room often or want to do other things, the fireplace in the master bedroom or even the bathroom fireplace can make any room warmer and more comfortable.

Night Hot Film

Hanging a TV over your living room chamber allows you to create two outstanding pieces of view from the floor to the furnishings. You will need a solid mounting system to safely install this appealing layout. That ensures that you place the TV high enough to prevent it from getting too warm and exceed the recommended temperature of the manufacturer.

Brick has returned

Although the conventional building blocks in British houses have been there for millennia, we seemed to be loved with bricks for a while. In pursuit of better options, architects who see themselves as old and stylish are increasingly digging in bricks. Times change again, and today many people are removing their wallpaper to expose internal walls of brick and make them a motif for fireplaces.

The most popular interior design hues

electric fireplace

Drift drifting

Dulux recently selected its annual Denim Drift color. This year, cold blue tones will dominate the world of interior design, and as you can see above, the blue tones in question bring coolness, calmness, and ventilation to any living space.

Plants and trees

Pantone, like Dulux, has a color of the year, and in 2017 it’s Greenery. Greenery, inspired by the natural world, conjures the early days of spring. Decorating in this color might assist individuals who feel confined by contemporary life and the city feel more in touch with nature.

Yellow from the sun

Yellow is connected with pleasure and optimism since it is the brightest hue in the visible spectrum. Expert designers blend cheerful yellow with cool grays to produce a new, contemporary style that looks well in a number of contexts.

Gray mineral

Gray has been the dominant hue of the decade, from MacBooks to Fifty Shades of Grey. Gray is still popular because its cold tints match the current Scandinavian aesthetic, and its neutral tint quickly makes any area appear more sophisticated and grown-up.


Flame is one of Pantone’s top 10 popular colors in spring 2017. It is a surprisingly bright orange based on red. It exudes a warm and playful atmosphere, if you use it to decorate your interior, you can bring a bit of warmth to your living space.