Top 5 Mobile App Trends That Will Take Hold In 2021

In the past few years, we’ve observed a recurring pattern in how mobile app development grows day by day. Nowadays every business wants to have its own app. Mobile apps have changed the way we used to live our day-to-day lives, for example booking a cab via Uber,  searching for an unknown place to rent via Airbnb, sending money via Paypal. Our life is so dependent on mobile apps that there is hardly a day we can live without them. This is the main reason the mobile app development industry is growing rapidly.

2018 is about to end and every company wants to be the king of the market by adopting new technology trends. But the question is what new technology trends still await us? This blog will show you some of the new mobile app development trends in 2021.

Instant apps:

Google launched this feature in 2016 I/O. Instant apps allow accessing a cloud base service on your phone without downloading the app. This is a great feature to save the time of an individual and also beneficial for a mobile app development company in Dubai as they can show the demo of their product to users without needing to install it.

One of the main reasons why instant apps will get attention in the upcoming time is that they have changed the way apps are installed on smart devices. We can use all the app features without ever installing them. This will save our storage space as well as time to find and install apps.

Here are a few instant apps:


2.)Red Bull



5.)NY Times

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 2018 is about to end, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are almost everywhere. Cars are learning to drive, Lights are turning ON/OFF on a single command from our phones, Cameras are taking some incredible shots automatically. Even though AI is not a new technology but still, there are many components of Machine Learning that are not completely covered yet. According to news released by International Data Corporation, it is expected that the AI industry will reach up to a total value of more than $40 billion by the end of the year 2021.

Few examples of AI and ML:

1.)Google assistant

2.)Apple’s Siri

3.)Microsoft Cortana


5.)Internet of Things:

IoT is a network of physical objects or things that are embedded with software, sensors, and electronics in the presence of network connectivity. Due to the advancements in the Internet of Things, we are now able to use mobile-connected smart objects in our day-to-day lifestyle. Cloud technology and low-power sensors have converted these smart objects into a quickly developing industry. The Internet of Things is considered to be the game-changer technology in the world of mobile app development.

Examples of IoT

1.)Smart door locker

2.)Smart speaker

3.)Connected smart kitchen

4.)Smart home apps

5.)Beacons Technology

 Beacons are generating buzz since 2013 when Apple first introduced iBeacon technology. And while it may have appeared for a time that this new way of connecting with customers might have been slow to catch on, it’s catching fire now. In 2016, the beacons technology market was valued at 519.6 million USD. It was estimated to increase at a CAGR of 59.8% to reach about 56.6 billion USD in size in 2026.

Cloud apps

The office of the 1970s used to be created on paper lists, the office of the 1980s was built on information processing, spreadsheets, and other PC software, and the office of the 1990s was built on websites. At present, the office is built on cloud-based apps. Using cloud technology has many benefits, such as expandable storage space, reduced operational as well as hosting cost, a high level of productivity, and excellent uninterrupted performance.

Examples of cloud apps:

1.)Google drive


3.)Amazon web services


5.)Microsoft Azure

Final Verdict:

Through this blog, you can get an idea that how technology is going to rule the world in the next couple of years. Throughout 2018, we saw how new technologies kept challenging the status quo and successfully changed the way we do most things in our lives. Well if still haven’t had your fill of technology yet, 2021 will surely have many surprises in store for you.