Top 6 Advantages Of Android Applications For Ecommerce Businesses

Developing applications for android is relatively more common compared to iOS. Mainly because of its benefits to eCommerce businesses.

eCommerce businesses have become the go-to solution for many over the course of the past 12 months. While their projection was to take over usual business dealings in the next 20 years or so, the pandemic and inability to open up physical businesses have seemed to have quickened that pace. Now, many businesses are turning their majority of doing business towards the internet and through means of websites and applications.

Which is why the demand to make eCommerce applications is on the rise as well. However, usage is one thing, but making is another. While there are two main competitors, android and iOS, why is it that many prefer the first to the latter? To understand that better, we have piled up 6 main reasons that make Android an overall better option for eCommerce. So, without further ado, let us dig in.

1.    Ease In Development

One of the main reasons that many developers prefer to make Android apps is their ease in development. A plethora of available content and on-the-go frameworks not only make the development easy but also cut the time relatively short. For someone who is looking to save time and get their app solution up and running quickly, this sounds like nothing less than a blessing.

Moreover, usage of APIs is not only easy in Android, their availability is what makes this platform the leading example of user-friendliness. Developers do not have to design and devise various frameworks or write a lot of code, as they can simply insert existing APIs for their designated purpose.

2.    Variety Of Existing Frameworks

As mentioned above, the reason why many developers prefer to make android apps is the vast library of frameworks. From Node.js to react native, the number of options available at the disposal of a developer is too many. Moreover, each framework is ideal for various types of applications.

So, if a developer wishes to make an attractive eCommerce application, they have various frameworks ready on the go. An expert of Custom Android App Development Services said that the reason why many clients come in asking for android solutions is this very reason as well. The role of android frameworks is quite renowned in not only developers but also the clientele.

3.    Overall Better Solution For Clients

Speaking of clients, an eCommerce business owner and the user of these apps have one thing in common: they wish to conduct their business quickly. A business owner wishes to sell their product ASAP, whereas the app users wish to find their ideal product speedily. However, the reason why eCommerce mobile phone apps stand out is because of their relative ease compared to business websites. A saved login and form fill helps clients save a lot of time when they wish to buy one or various products at a time.

4.    Ease In Usage & Development

As mentioned above, the usage of these applications is very easy for clients. However, for developers, the usage of various frameworks, software and design program is just as easy. Which is why, even if a client asks for making a customized application from scratch, the developers find it easier compared to iOS.

5.    Higher Download Numbers

This one is perhaps the leading reason why many eCommerce businesses for an Android app over an iOS one. These applications have a certain edge and that is why their download number is high. One of the reasons behind that is the fact that android just gathers a higher number of downloads compared to iOS. Which is ideal for eCommerce businesses as they look for solutions that help them find more audience toward their business.

6.    Majority Of Market Share

Speaking of a higher number of downloads, that is because of one main feature of android platform: its higher market share around the globe. Android dominates roughly 85% of the smartphone market from around the globe. Now, put that into perspective and think of the fact that there are almost 4 billion smartphone users in the world. Which means more than 3 and a half billion of those are android users.