Top 6 Benefits of Having a Mobile Self-Storage Container

Mobile self-storage containers are the perfect solution for a wide range of business and residential applications. They are a life saver when you need to clear up some space, providing secure, convenient storage you can access at any time. They make it easier to undergo major projects whether they are related to business or home. Here are the top six benefits of having a mobile self-storage container available.

1.     Mobile Self-storage Containers Offer Scalable Storage

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure how much storage space you need. You might also be undergoing changes that call for a more flexible storage solution. When using mobile self-storage units, you can easily scale up or down to suit your changing needs. This works for a long list of scenarios including:

  • Business or residential moves
  • Acquiring inventory for your business
  • Storing furnishings and décor items during a home decorating project
  • Storage for construction sites both from a contractor’s perspective and the homeowner’s

You can adjust to meet your needs regardless of the scenario.

2.     Mobile Self-Storage Containers are Convenient

There really are no other storage options as convenient and flexible as self-storage containers.

You can use them to suit your needs with the option to:

  • Have them remain at your site, or have them delivered elsewhere
  • Choose to load them at your site, or to take your belongings to a storage facility site to load them
  • Use them for moving so you can load them over time and then have it ready to be picked up and delivered to your new home or business on moving day

You keep your self-storage units at your site as long as you need them without worrying about travelling to a storage facility. All of these options allow you to customize use to suit your storage needs.

3.     Mobile Self-Storage Containers are Easy to Transport

As the name implies, mobile self-storage containers are transportable. You can arrange to have them delivered almost anywhere, and picked up and moved to new locations as required. It just takes a phone call to make arrangements, and the rental company can do the rest.

4.     Mobile Self-Storage Containers are Highly Secure

Shipping containers are made of steel so they can withstand a lot of pressure. They are highly durable and can be stored outdoors even during the coldest winter Calgary can throw at them. They are secured and locked with a padlock and steel lockbox that even heavy-duty bolt cutters can’t penetrate. This is one of the most secure ways to hold your belongings. If you need to store valuables on your property, this far outweighs the security of your garage which can be broken into easily by thieves.

When you choose mobile self-storage containers you can feel confident your belongings are safe making it an ideal solution for contractors who need additional storage at job sites. It is also the ultimate storage solution for retailers with access inventory, or logistics companies who need additional warehouse space.

5.     Mobile Self-Storage Can Be Temperature Controlled

Many people worry that steel containers aren’t safe for temperature-sensitive items. However, they can be designed with temperature control to protect against the worst weather conditions. This means it is safe to store just about anything in your storage container without worry. You can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe from temperature-related damage.

6.     Mobile Self-Storage Containers Make Moving Easy

When it comes to moving, this is by far the easiest way to pack and transport your goods. Your container is dropped off at your preferred date. You take your time over the month to pack and load your belongings. The container is then picked up and delivered to your new location where you can unpack at your leisure. The container can then either remain at your site or can be picked up once it is empty.

Better yet, if you should find space does not allow for all your belongings at your new location, you can use the storage unit on your property, or load it and have it picked up to go to a secure storage facility.

Shipping containers are all about versatility. You choose the way you wish to use it, how long you need it, the size, where you want it stored if you want it delivered and how many containers you need. The units are delivered to your site and are yours to use as long as you need them.

As mentioned above, you also have the option of keeping them at a secure facility. Every choice is yours to be made with very few limitations.