TOP 7 Amazing Places You Can Go on American Safari

Are you bored from the gentle goats, pigs, and rabbits you can see in the zoo or on a farm? If you are a group of animal-loving people you should go on safari. This is how you can see them in their natural wild environment. You know what? You don’t even have to leave the country! The greatest safaris with zebras, giraffes, and rhinos are available in many American states. So, you don’t need to buy tickets to Africa. You just need to grab your family, rent a car, and go to Florida, California, or any other place where safari rides are still popular. Read more about where to go.

Pack for safari

So, the day of your departure is near here! You have to decide what to pack for a trip. Here are a few of the main things you should add to your luggage when going on safari:


  • Pack your passport, driving license, credit cards


Your passport and a driving license should be on the top of your packing list. It seems obvious, but people often underestimate the importance of this sort of luggage. Otherwise, how are you going to rent a car, book a hotel? Clear up your doubts on how to pay for a rental car with a debit card. Don’t forget your credit card!


  • Pack you camera and binoculars


Of course, it is important to pack your documents and everything you will definitely need for a car rental. But don’t forget your camera! Do you think you can take beautiful photos with the help of your phone? Great! American safari is a photographer’s dream! But you badly need a professional camera to shoot distantly and while you are moving. Also, it is recommended to grab a binocular. Binoculars are ESSENTIAL for the best wildlife viewing! 


  • Pack your sunglasses, hat, and sunblock


Don’t forget to pack more than one set of glasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Also, it would be great to use sunblock as a safari supposes spending a lot of time outdoors. 

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 096

Where to go on American Safari?

  1. Go to Safari West, California

Forget about visiting Africa! Actually, California gives you a good choice of safari parks. Just rent a comfortable car and go to the heart of the state – Safari West. This huge territory is inhabited by more than 900 exotic animals, living in the wild. Never miss visiting Lemur Island? You can rent a camping place and spend the night in a tent or a camping van in the woods. What an adventure!

  1. Go to San Diego Safari Park, California

This amazing place can also be found in California. Rent a car in San Diego and drive it out of the city, where you can watch the animals and even feed them. Actually, this park is a part of a big zoo, located 30 miles to the side. If you want, you can leave your car in a parking place and take a safari tour. How do you want to explore the park? Choose between zip lines, ballooning, and horse riding. The park area is equipped with picnic places and playgrounds for kids.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park 009

  1. Go to Lion Country Safari, Florida

If Florida is the nearest location, rent a car and go for a new safari adventure. Lion Country occupies a huge territory with strict rules and different attractions for visitors. There is enough space to play and relax. You can see more than 900 animals, try to feel them, and have some fun by walking around. Your kids can have some fun at the water ground. Just check the park rules before you go so as not to have problems in the future.

  1. Visit Fossil Rim Center, Texas

Everyone knows that Texas is a favorable platform for living in the wild. There are many options for safari here. Thus, drive your rental car to the Fossil Rim Center where you can see many exotic animals such as rhinoceros, zebras, and others, walking along the road. Of course, you will enjoy the wildlife views from the car window. Just pack your camera to catch the moment or binoculars to see closer.

Everglades Safari Park @ Southeast Florida

  1. Visit Safari Wildlife Park, Oklahoma

If you’ve never experienced African safari, you should come to Oklahoma. They promote feeding animals! Just check what food is approved on the park website and get ready for a trip. You can see such exotic animals as alpaca, camels, bison, zebras, and many more. Do you think feeding animals is not enough for you? Try some other activities like camel rides or the funniest pig races.

  1. Go to The Wilds, Ohio

This safari park in Ohio offers two sorts of tours. You can go through the territory by a special safari bus or rent an open-top vehicle. The park territory is inhabited by really amazing animals and you can observe them in their natural wild environment.

  1. Visit Safari Park, Virginia

Of course, the Virginian safari park is not as big as the Californian one. Nevertheless, their animals are well-cared and the park territory is well-organized for tourists. By the way, they do care about the wellbeing of each and every animal so they can easily ask you to check the food from your car. 

See, it is not a problem to find a real safari far from Africa. You don’t even need to leave the country! Such American states as Florida, California, Ohio, Virginia welcome thousands of visitors for their safari every year.