Top 7 Trends That Are Followed By the Best SEO Company

To simply maintain or rank higher, you need to keep modifying your SEO strategy in accordance with Google as with the evolution of the algorithm, as stated above. To inform which tools and strategies are used by the best SEO Company in 2021, these are the most significant SEO and Google trends that are followed:


  1. Core Web Vitals as a Google Ranking Factor

Google announced three new metrics that are known as the core web vitals that can be used for measuring user experience that includes loading, interactivity, and visual stability as all these three metrics are related basically to a single thing. These would be including how soon it gets to load the page, how interactive it is, and the stability involved with loading.

  1. Google’s BERT looks for Intent Matches

Machine learning and natural language processing to help better understand the searches and what the users are actually looking for, Google’s BERT algorithm or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is what it utilizes. For almost every query in Google English, it works in more than 70 languages.

The Google search engine bots have become a lot more conversational as the algorithm of Google can now interpret the intent of the searcher with the update of Google BERT. Now Google can understand the things included in the human brain in simpler words.

It is not an algorithmic penalty when it comes to Google Bert, which is a thing to note here. To help filter out the most relevant and useful content to the users with the understanding of the search queries and content as humans, it is a part of the Google search engine. It will not be penalizing the sites and will also not de-rank. To those that are showing the best results to the user is the reason why Google has always strived in doing so as you will get the best flavor out of it.

Your content is not BERT-friendly, and you will not be ranking for that keyword for a longer length of time if your content is not offering what a user is in search for. The best SEO Company can help you a lot is the reason why valuable publishing content will be satisfying the user-intent.

  1. Keyword Research Will Become More Important

There are zero-click searches for more than 50%. Without any click, it means that it is more than half of the Google searches. With such rich results in the SERP, Google business listings with the menus and contact information with the featured snippets with answers, and more and more consumers can get their answers as they need even without even having to click the result or even finish typing out a query here is the reason here with the featured snippets with answers.

To cover the keywords according to the intent of the searchers, this is provided to your website, ads, business profile as well as blog contents. It is very important to invest some time in keyword research in order to find the keywords that can actually drive traffic and sales for your business, given the advancements in the SERP and with so much competition that is out there.

  1. Google Still Wants Original Content

Authentic content is very important for businesses in more than just branding since great content plays a very important role in SEO for small business and ranking. This unique content has not already been published somewhere else to place simply.

  1. Voice Search

Most of the voice search queries are long-tail and very specific, and this is the thing here. When they are using the voice search, the users can look for some specific answers to their queries. These users are more likely to convert than the rest of the users as these users are at the consideration stage of the funnel. It is expected to continue the trend in 2021 since voice search optimization is ever-growing as more users are opting for it with the passing time.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Ai is changing the SEO and the marketing industry as well, just like most of the industries. AI offers all is the reason behind this impact of AI, which is personalization. Google uses AI to offer the searchers with results that they are looking for, as a matter of fact.

  1. Video Marketing

With over 1 billion users, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. It is high time to get started, even if you are not into the videos.