Top B2B E-Commerce Marketplace Platforms for the Year 2021 – Reviewed by Experts B2B Marketplace Platform

Are you thinking of building an eCommerce store?

Then, B2B eCommerce is the best option for you. There are enormous B2B platforms, but not all of them act as a marketplace. It is to be noted that some of the marketplaces tend to offer only a single-time subscription package in their service. Everything can be done on these platforms, from building an eCommerce store to promoting your products in the online market. With the help of experts, we have enlisted top B2B E-Commerce Marketplace Platforms for the year 2021.



The most prominent and popular B2B website available globally is “ALIBABA”. It is the biggest marketplace and provides its customers with the best of products and services. Establishing in China, it is available in numerous languages, including Deutsch, Italiano, and many more.

Alibaba was initially launched in 1999 and has grown gradually over the years, alongside giving tough competition to huge brands like eBay and Amazon.


2- eWorldTrade 

 The newest baby in the family of eCommerce websites is “eWorldTrade.” It has instantly gained a good amount of reputation in a short period. It is one of the subsidiaries of “Reckon Media LLC”. This LLC is based in the US and provides services like digital media and technology. The operational unit of eWorldTrade is available worldwide.


The most considerable flex of this marketplace is that it offers its users 10 leads free of cost after you have signed up on their website. In recent years, it has enormous benefits for businesses worldwide. It has partnered with various companies globally, including the USA, India, Malaysia, and many more.


3- Made In China

Another most common eCommerce platform is Made-in-China. It was initially developed and operated by one of the leading companies in China termed as “Focus Technology Co. Ltd”. The product of this eCommerce platform is originally made in China or Taiwan.

In 2007, Made-in-China has started facing issues in numerous countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and many more. Even after all this chaos, it still stands in the market stiff.


4- Global Sources

 In the eCommerce industry, Hongkong has also left its footprint. Global Sources is not only registered with NASDAQ but with GSOL too. It was founded in the year 1970. Meria A. Hinrichs & C. Joseph Bendy established as Trade Media Ltd.

As per a recent study, around 1 million international buyers are constantly using it. The B2B strategy of Global Sources is one of the biggest reasons for its survival in the industry. The revenue of Global Sources was termed to be highest in the industry of B2B online marketplace. Around $232 million were earned in just a year.


5- Yiwubazaar

 Yiwubazaar is also known as “Yiwu Shahin Import-Export Co. Ltd”. It was established in the year 2007. This B2B e-commerce marketplace provides various small commodities in Central Asia. It also provides its users with various translations, including services, logistics, procurement management services, and many more.

B2b Wholesale Marketplace

Yiwubazaar operates in enormous countries, including Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and other countries. They provide a wide range of services, including Product sourcing, Buying Agent, Sample Confirming, Follow-up, Quality Inspection, and a lot more services.



 We hope that this article must have acknowledged you with some of the top B2B e-commerce marketplace platforms available online. As per experts, the e-commerce mentioned above marketplaces is the best in the year 2021.