Top Benefits of Rent a Car Dubai

You can always be sure to find a cheap luxury car rental Dubai for you with us. Finding the best car rental and leasing solution for your personal or business use is now easier than ever. Whatever type or brand of car you want – with or without a driver, we are your trusted and reliable resource across the UAE.

car rental services Dubai works with over 100 car rental companies, including the largest luxury car rental provider in Dubai. Get access to over 10,000 cars across the widest range of makes and models of cars for autonomous driving. All types of cars are available for hire in Dubai, from economy cars to luxury cars, sports cars and supercars.

Cheapest Deals & Promotions in Dubai

Access live offers and a shortlist of rental cars to suit your budget and requirements. There are a number of factors that you can consider when comparing cars from a range of rental companies in the UAE. Contact the respective supplier offering the car you want by phone, WhatsApp or email and rent it directly! No commission, no markup, you will book and pay the actual supplier. Price transparency, confidentiality, and customer satisfaction are part of our core values.

Our suppliers offer the most competitive rates throughout the year. Rent at the best market rates on a daily, weekly, monthly and even annual basis. So you are always sure to get the best deal through rental cars Dubai. Promotions and offers are updated regularly for the same model/type of car based on availability. Find the car of your dreams today!

Most cars can even be delivered to your hotel or location across the emirates. Depending on your preferences and budget, select your sedan, sedan, crossover, luxury or sports car, SUV, van, bus, truck or any other type of vehicle including vans and pickup trucks. Free shipping is available for monthly offers and luxury cars priced above AED 1000 per day.

sports car hire dubai

Large choice of cars

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, pocket-friendly rental car Dubai or an exotic sports car that looks spectacular and drives amazingly, you’ve come to the right place. We host a range of hatchback, sedan, crossover and SUV cars at fair prices direct from suppliers. Choose from popular auto brands – like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Renault, Kia, Chevrolet and so on.

Cheap luxury car rental Dubai hosts the largest rental car collection by brands in Dubai, including convertibles, luxury cars, sports cars, exotic SUVs and supercars. Rent a car for a day Dubai (24 hours minimum), by the week or even by the month in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi. All prices include insurance and the standard mileage limit. Most of our car rental partners even offer 24/7 customer support and free roadside assistance.

You can also choose from a range of car features: cruise control, leather seat covers, rearview camera, etc. Perform a quick search to find the best car for their exact needs or use our advanced search options for other car options. From luxury sedans from BMW, Audi to sports cars from Porsche, Ferraris, and SUVs from Land Rover, Lincoln, Maserati, you’ll find it all at Dubai airport car rental.

Rent a car on a monthly basis

If you are visiting the UAE on a short-term visa or here for a project, a rental car is the best way to be independent on the road. So depending on your choice if you Rent a car on a monthly basis in UAE, it offers a range of advantages over buying one. It’s economical and hassle-free. Most car rental companies even offer free delivery and pickup for monthly rentals. They include the standard mileage: 3000 km or more, which is sufficient for most users. Use of Salik (toll) is billed at the end of the month. Maintenance and registration are taken care of by the company. In the event of a breakdown or accident, you will be provided with a replacement vehicle until your car is repaired.

Monthly car rentals allow for an instant upgrade or downgrade to your favorite car. So you could drive a Land Cruiser (AED 7000) for the first month and switch to a Chevrolet Cruze (AED 1700) for the second month. To summarize…

  • Benefits of choosing a monthly car rental
  • Much cheaper and faster than using public transport to travel through the emirates
  • Cost-effective because you don’t have to pay rising insurance and registration fees
  • As good as your own car without the hassle of maintenance
  • Choice of multiple providers offering competitive rates and package deals
  • Option to upgrade or downgrade every month

Our mission: to make car rental easier for you

One of the best things about renting a car is its convenience. All you need is a valid driver’s license (details above) and valid ID (Passport / ID / GCC ID) to be able to hire a car. The legal age limit is 21 years and over in the UAE to rent a car. A security deposit is required to rent a car: AED 1000 – AED 10,000 or the equivalent in your currency (if accepted by the agency). It should ideally be provided by your bank card. However, some companies accept payment by cash, debit card, and even bank check.

The process is fairly straightforward: contact the rental car company that has your required rental car. Discuss fees, terms and conditions, and other details. If necessary, share your documents to prove your eligibility. At this point, you can request photos of the car which will be provided to you. Confirm your reservation and pick-up or delivery time.

Don’t rent with the company that offers the cheapest deal. It is important to check online reviews on Google / Facebook before finalizing a rental, especially when a business requests advance reservation payment. Reading the experiences of other users certainly helps set your expectations and avoid choosing an unhappy business.

Rent a car for the long term

Renting a car involves simple costs including paying the rental on a monthly/yearly basis. For example, the cost of renting a brand new sedan would be around AED 1,500 / month. However, if you were planning to buy the same car, your cost would easily be over 2000 AED / month including down payment, registration, insurance, and other fees (administrative fees etc.).

You can be sure to reduce the monthly payments on a leased car. Nevertheless, you are sure of what you would spend without surprises. Our car rental platform makes finding the latest long-term car rental deals and deals with one click.

Rent a car for the long term

If you are thinking of buying a car on loan, it comes with a long-term commitment that you need to be sure to keep. Of course, there are zero-up-front selling plans, but the premium prices, high-interest rates, and hidden fees are still there. Also, for those of you who are considering buying a property or getting a loan, you may not be eligible if you have an outstanding auto loan in UAE. A car rental plan, on the other hand, can be started with little or no down payment. It could even be just a refundable deposit or an upfront payment for the last 3 months of your lease term.

Your car rental plan includes a free replacement vehicle if you face a car breakdown or experience an accident. Just call customer service and let them know about the problem and they’ll arrange a car of equal value or maybe even an upgrade. At the time of car maintenance and repairs, too, you will receive a replacement vehicle so that your daily life has no downtime.