Top Co-Curricular Activities in CBSE Schools in Hadapsar That You Can Choose for Your Children

Co-curricular activities play a critical role in the personality development of a student. These activities develop essential skills in students that they require to succeed in life. Picking up the right co-curricular activities at school can keep your children engaged. If your child has some inherent talents, then co-curricular activities can definitely open up new possibilities to them. The talent and confidence of students are built upon what they are learning and how efficiently they are doing it. So, if you are picking up co-curricular activities for your child who is studying in CBSE Schools in Hadapsar then be sure to prioritize the interests.

Since co-curricular activities provide multi-faceted benefits to the students and here, we are going to list some of the top ones. So, if you want to give maximum exposure to your child then include some of these activities in their curriculum. Let’s walk you through them.

List of Best Co-Curricular Activities for Students Studying in CBSE Schools

Academic and Scholastic Co-Curricular Activities

The extracurricular activities are part of regular school sessions, children have no option but to participate in them. If you want your child to enroll in academic-related co-curricular activities, then here are few options available for them:

  •         Book Clubs
  •         Story Writing
  •         School Magazine Editor
  •         Debate & Extempore
  •         Chart Preparation
  •         Public Speaking
  •         Exhibition Organization
  •         Poetry Recitation

These options will enhance the academic and scholastic skills of the students. Not only this, but the confidence of your child will also boost by participating in all such activities.

Social Activism Co-Curricular Activities

This is possibly the most common Co-Curricular Activity that is available in every top school in Pune. If you have observed that your child is passionate about social activities and aspire to join a local group that supports them then check out these options:

  •         Environment Club
  •         Fair Trade Club
  •         Science Club

Physical or Sports Related Co-Curricular Activities

Some children are born to be players. The best thing about CBSE schools in Hadapsar is that the students have tons of opportunities available to participate in sports. You can encourage your child to join a club league. Following are considered the top sports activities:

  •         Baseball
  •         Cricket
  •         Basketball
  •         Cycling
  •         Dance Team
  •         Football
  •         Gymnastics
  •         Hockey
  •         Martial Arts
  •         Swimming
  •         Tennis
  •         Track & Field
  •         Yoga Club

Technology Related Co-Curricular Activities

Technology has taken over everything and students should try to be more tech-savvy as it is going to be an inevitable part of our lives in the future. The students who have strong knowledge about technology must enroll themselves in online communities sponsored by the schools. Here is what they can do

  •         Blogging
  •         Develop a Personal Website
  •         Build a Social Media Community
  •         Start a YouTube Channel

Cultural Development Co-Curricular Activities

These activities go beyond the typical curriculum. Many schools sponsor cultural development activities to enrich the talents of students. Here are the options available for students who are interested in such activities: 

  •         Dance
  •         Folk dance
  •         Folk songs
  •         Drama
  •         Music
  •         Fancy-dress competitions

In the End, Interest is All That Matters!

So, these were some of the top co-curricular activities that can be found in top schools in Pune. What matters the most is your child’s interest. So, instead of forcing them to join something they won’t enjoy, look into their interest and provide them with the opportunities to find new passions.