Top Kitchen Splashback Ideas for your Dream Home

Everyone wants their kitchens to be attractive, impressive, convenient, and highly functional. Splashbacks are the key component of every kitchen that protects your walls from spills, stains, heat, and moisture. The kitchen splashbacks not only helps by protecting your kitchen walls and also makes it a decorative feature. It allows a variety of kitchen layout that has modules that are made of different materials for different purposes and helps to facilitate efficient space utilization in the kitchen. Whether you are planned for the kitchen renovation or a new kitchen the best option is to go with the splashbacks. Here are some of the kitchen splashback ideas for your home.

Kitchen Splashback

1. Glass Splashbacks:

The glass splashback makes a good choice for contemporary kitchen interior design. The important advantage of glass is it is strong, durable, and easy to clean. There are varieties of colours and designs are available with wider ranges of glasses. Another advantage of using glass is you can further paint and use stickers for a unique look. The glasses are tempered so it is hard to break and is highly durable. The glass splashback kitchen gives a beautiful appearance and it has an opaque and shiny finish surface that makes it more unique.

2. Wood or Timber Splashbacks:

Wood is one of the classy style splashbacks used for the kitchen. Wood is a renewable source and it is non-toxic. It allows you to stain or paint and varnish the surface with your choice of hue. They offer you a wide range of textures, colours, and designs. It can adapt to both the modern and traditional styles of the kitchen. Even though they are expensive the look and feel of wood made it unique and most favourable for most.

3. Stainless Steel or Aluminium Splashbacks:

The most important advantage of stainless steel kitchen splashback is durability. The kitchen splashback made of stainless steel that has chromium and nickel alloy steel makes it more durable and makes rusting negligible. They can bear any conditions of temperature and retain their shape and strength. They provide the quality of high resistance that helps to get rid of stains and it is easy to clean. No substance can pass through it as they are non-permeable. The stainless steel kitchen splashback is easy to maintain. Stainless steel splashback also offers a variety of designs to choose from.

4. Black Splashbacks:

The black splashbacks are best suitable for the kitchen with white cabinets and finishes. It gives an intense contrast and depth to the kitchen with the combination of white and black. The black splashback goes with any type of kitchen and is contemporary and simple. These splashbacks are easy to clean and can also boost the resale value of the property.

5. Laminates Splashbacks:

If you are looking for the kitchen splashback with an enduring finish then you should go with the Laminates. The thin sheets of resin, a printed layer of paper with various designs and patterns, and a tough plastic film are overlaid and they are combined to form Laminates. It is pasted on the walls and it is less expensive. They are more durable, heat, and moisture resistant. There are wide ranges of choices of designs to choose from and you can have customized designs also.

6. Mirror Splashback:

Mirror splashback is the right choice for the small kitchen as it helps to make the smaller space appear larger. It helps to create a stunning splendour, bright and spacious kitchen. The Mirror splashback can add volume, depth, and dimensions effortlessly. These splashbacks are the best choice for upgrading the kitchen with lesser space. Regular cleaning is required for mirrored splashbacks else it may lead to dirt, marks, and scratches that can rapidly build up.

7. Marble Splashbacks:

Marble and Imitation marble splashbacks can make your kitchen more attractive, magnificent and beautiful. Marble white splashback can make a majestic impression even though it is expensive. This splashback expels an exquisitely refined and timeless style with the natural charm of the marble. Marbles are most commonly used in the kitchen benchtops with the marble splashbacks will give a unified outcome and it may also be used as standalone.

8. Tiles Splashbacks:

Traditional brick-bond pattern or subway style or any other shape or type of tiles you prefer, are always classy, gentle and gives a great look for your kitchen. Depending on the way they laid, style, shape and size of the tiles you can create many different looks with tiles splashbacks. You can create many popular patterns using tiles that give a more natural look to your kitchen. Tiles are easy to maintain and clean.

These are some of the ideas and types of materials that are used in the kitchen splashbacks. The technology makes more innovation in every field and it helps the designers to make cutting edge designed kitchen splashbacks. It is important to choose the right splashback that suits your home décor, budget and preferences.