Top Reasons Why Shopify Websites Need a Mobile App!

Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform, providing amazing opportunities to all business people to build an appealing web store with an interactive interface. This undoubtedly most popular e-commerce platform is equipped with astonishing features that eliminate all physical boundaries and allow sellers to sell products online.

Thus, having an e-commerce website is an immeasurable beginning. But alone a website may fail to provide that much benefit as a mobile-friendly website does. Shopify mobile app development gives merchants the ability to add extended functionality and custom integrations to their eCommerce stores.

Speaking of online stores, the application provides customers with excellent opportunities to quickly and conveniently place an order from a smartphone or tablet at any time and anywhere. It allows online business owners to stay competitive and improve the quality of services. Additionally, the mobile site is relevant for those users who make purchases in different online stores or want to get information about the company.

Doesn’t matter – what your business is all about and what products it’s holding or what industry you’re in – a Shopify online store requires a mobile app.


Let’s find out!

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Reasons Why Shopify Website Requires a Mobile App

  • Sales Growth
  • Encourage Repeat Customers
  • Fosters Consumer Loyalty
  • Richer Customer Experience


Reasons Why Shopify Website Requires a Mobile App

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Sales Growth

The conversion in mobile shopping applications is three times higher than in mobile browsers. The reason is the fast and seamless checkout process. It allows customers to buy with ease and complete the purchase process in a short period of time. Having an intuitive mobile app will highlight relevant products and streamline the process of purchasing.

This further enhances the engagement and overall sales of the business. Various reminding options, including notifications, Facebook Ads, and others are an excellent approach to reminding your customers about various deals and discounts. These options linked to a mobile app, leading customers directly to their favorite products and increased conversions.

Encourage Repeat Customers

Push notifications are a powerful tool that helps the buyer learn about discounts, promotions, and other loyalty programs. Using them wisely, you can artificially increase the buyer’s interest in your products, forcing them to return to the online store again. When a relevant store targets discounts on Birthdays, March 8, and other festive occasions with a promo code, it becomes another prime reason for bounding the customers with your store through the app. To achieve such benefits, hire a Shopify developer and convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Fosters Consumer Loyalty

Most users prefer to order through mobile applications. This allows the seller to make personalized offers to them, offer additional bonuses, and implement individualized discount programs, increasing the average bill. High speed of loading catalogues, comfortable usability, additional functionality have a positive effect on customer loyalty. The personalized experience and accessibility of your mobile app keep customers in touch with your business regularly. And push notification plays a vital role in comparison to emails to connect the customers directly to the app.

Richer Customer Experience

Consumer experience plays an effective role. The most visible benefit of adopting a Shopify mobile app is the explicit emphasis on user experience. In this fast-running world, people love speed and convenience, plus the faster and smooth checkout process. And this is possible only through Shopify mobile app, which further increases the business sales. Additionally, Shopify mobile app is an enlargement of your brand, empowering customized shopping experiences, easy payments, and drives sales effectively.


Mobile apps provide higher conversions and sales volume than websites, but this doesn’t mean that every online store needs them. Before starting the Shopify marketing services, it’s advisable to conduct market research that will determine the optimal channels of interaction with the audience. It also shows whether the platform needs an application or can get by with a more convenient mobile version of the site.