Top Social Media Marketing Agencies of 2021

Since the last decade, the significance of Social Media Marketing Services has become more impactful in digital marketing services companies. From small to large, no company can deny the power of social media marketing services like Facebook or Instagram services. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced business person, social media marketing will benefit you with high profit. 

Social media marketing services boost brand awareness, attract more potential customers, generate leads and traffic, target commercial goals with campaigns, and help in conversion. 

Take out some hours from your valuable time and increase your business outlook. If you are already in the business you must acknowledge how helpful it is to have solid brand recognition! Do you know around 90% of the global marketers believe social media marketing is capable of providing you outstanding brand exposure.

If you have a small business what could be more beneficial than having a credible reputation for your brand? The benefits of social media marketing doesn’t stop here, the list can run pages. Take this phenomenal marketing opportunity and give your business a solid boost.

Therefore, it is obvious that social media marketing offers a plethora of benefits. However, you need to find the best companies to witness the success! Finding a credible social marketing media company in India is pretty much challenging.

The blog will talk about the Social Media Marketing Company India in detail. The ranking order might not match with the other sites, as we have focused on specific areas such as services, experiences, client type, awards, etc., all together. 

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1. Digital Infoways

DI is a leading social marketing agency in India. The famous digital marketing company has been serving clients worldwide with its unique and innovative social media campaigns. The company changes the strategies depending on the business and client category. 

Foundation Year: 2015

Head Office: Ahmedabad, India , Spain 

Employees: 10 50

Services: Digital Marketing, SEO, ASO, PPC, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Web development company, Logo Design, Website Design, Social Media Marketing

2. Gozoop

The Mumbai-based private social media agency helps you in online brand optimization. The company held the 1st position in the professional service industry for a long time. The company was enlisted under the top 100 best workplaces of India in 2015.

Foundation Year: 2010

Head Office: Mumbai

Employees: 50-200

Services: SEO, PPC, web design, paid social media marketing, social commerce, etc.

3. Sparrow 

Sparrow, the social media agency, implements the most effective and practical social media strategies to meet their expectations. In addition, the company deals with clients in partnerships. 

Foundation Year: 1996

Head Office: Delhi

Employees: 50-200

Services: brand marketing, multimedia solutions, social media marketing, automation, etc.

4. Pinstorm

Pinstorm is one of the on-demand social media marketing agencies in the Indian subcontinent. The mobile-friendly company works on Facebook campaigns, viral videos, Twitter Updates, etc. 

Foundation Year: 2004

Head Office: Mumbai

Employees: 50- 200

Services: Paid campaigns, social media campaigns, search engine marketing, etc. 

5. WATConsult 

The company is a help agency that belongs to the marketing companies group. Later, the company joined a more extensive company base six years back.

Foundation Year: 2007

Head Office: Mumbai

Employees: 200- 500

Services: Mobile marketing, social media marketing & audit, etc.

6. Brainwork Technologies 

The private-type Delhi-based company is a popular social media agency in India. The company provides the clients with Social Media Management services of ISO 9001-2000 standards. 

Foundation Year: 2002

Head Office: Delhi

Employees: 50-200

Services: Online promotion, digital branding, paid internet promotion, etc.

7. Media2Win

Media2Win is a top-rated social media agency of India with its headquarter in Mumbai. The company excels in digital marketing and social media strategies. The company has received several awards like Yahoo Big Idea Chair, Tata Sky’s Adult dost, Nestle Everyday recharge campaign, IAMAI, etc. 

Foundation Year: 2005

Head Office:  Mumbai

Employees: 11- 50

Services: Gaming Apps, Brand Sales, Online Customer Activation, etc.

8. New Media Guru

New Media Guru is a private-authorized social media agency that focuses on sales and profit, in particular. In addition, the company offers online marketing services, app development and web design.

Foundation Year: 2005

Head Office: Main Office (London) & Offshore Delivery Office (Delhi, India)

Employees: 50-200

Services: Content Management, social media marketing, cloud solutions, etc.

9. Resultrix

Resultrix is a top-rated social media marketing agency that boosts brand awareness and conversion of online business companies. In addition, the privately-held company focuses on digital marketing services to enable the clients to earn revenue. 

Foundation Year: 2008

Head Office:  Seattle, Washington – Mumbai, India

Employees: 200-500

Services: Social media marketing, mobile marketing, programmatic buying, analytics, etc.

Clients: Corbis, Yahoo, Microsoft, Disney, ICICI Bank, Citi Bank, Tata AIG Insurance, The Economist, etc.

10. Poised Media

Poised Media is a proficient social media agency in India. The company helps to upgrade the social media experiences for renowned brands from different parts of the world. The company works on different platforms like HTML5, JavaScript, Android and IOS, PHP, CSS3, etc.

Foundation Year: 2014

Head Office: Mumbai

Employees: 50-200

Services: social media marketing, brand awareness, online solution, video, online consultancy, web design, etc.

11. Webmaffia

Webmaffia is a social media agency that attracts potential customers and acts as influencers via communication. The privately-held company works with a creative and innovative approach.

Foundation Year: 2012

Head Office: Mumbai

Employees: 11-50

Services: Social Media and Online Strategy, Content Marketing, Mobile marketing, etc. 

12. sunStrategic

The social media agency is counted among the best agencies. The agency guides the clients in engagement, productivity, client satisfaction and ROI.

Foundation Year: 2014

Head Office: Mumbai

Employees: 11-50

Services: social media, online branding, public relations, web development, etc. 

13. Mind & Matter

Mind & Matter runs digital campaigns with a wholesome approach to help online brands and companies. The company has been recorded to be one of the significant social media agencies of India.

Foundation Year: 2004

Head Office: Kolkata

Employees: 11-50

Services: Email Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Video Marketing, social media campaigns, graphic designs, ads, etc. 

To Conclude,

All the social media marketing agencies mentioned above offer quality marketing services to clients in and around the country. You need to look into the services thoroughly to choose the best company for your social media marketing services.

It is truly inspirational to witness your brand’s success from social media marketing. At the same time it can be the ultimate key for some specific business. As per the marketing analyst, 96% marketers are presently participating in social media ad campaigns and 85% of them using advanced marketing tools. And do you know the outcome? Undoubtedly very impressive!