Top Tips for Throwing a Bon Voyage Party

A lot of people dream of going traveling at some point in their lives, whether that’s flying to a new country for a job or to backpack for a year and soaking up the culture and scenery. Whatever the reason they’re going, it’s always sad for the friends and family that they’re leaving behind as they will all miss them while they’re away. This is why it’s always a nice idea to through a bon voyage party for the person who is leaving so that they can see how much they’ll be missed and how they’ll always have people at home. If you have a loved one who is preparing to go traveling soon, here are some tips on how you can throw them a wonderful party before they leave.

Get Them Gifts

OK, if they are going traveling, they might not want a load of stuff to take with them, but gifts are always lovely gestures, and if you get one or more of these gifts for travelers, then they will also be practical presents. If they are planning to return, they could even keep their gifts at home or in storage until they get back. Either way, it’s always nice for them to have something to take away with them after the party.

Serve the Cuisine of the Country They’re Going To

If they are moving to another country for a while, then serving up classic recipes from that culture would be a great idea! It celebrates their big move and is a fun way to get them used to the food they will be eating while they’re there. If they are traveling to multiple countries, a few dishes from each cuisine could also be fun, and ideal if there are a lot of people coming to the party as there will be more to eat. Alternatively, you could choose to cook their favorite home comfort foods that they might not be able to get on their travels, as this could be the last opportunity for them to enjoy it before they go!

Throw the Party at Least a Week Before They Go

While you don’t want to throw a bon voyage party months in advance, you shouldn’t leave it until the last minute, either. If someone is going traveling for months on end or moving to another country, they will have a lot of stuff to organize in the weeks running up to them going. So throw the party at least a week before they go so that they have plenty of time to sort out any last-minute things that they need to do, and also enough time to recover from the festivities before they catch a flight!

Scrapbook of the Party

Although you might already have given them gifts, another lovely keepsake idea that they can turn to when they’re feeling homesick is if you get the guests at the party to write messages to them in a scrapbook. If you can, put pictures of the party in the book to look back on it fondly and remind themselves of how many people love them back home.

It can be difficult to say goodbye to someone you care about as they travel the world, but throwing them a party to wish them luck on their journey is a great way to do this.