I am always ready to plan an adventurous vacation. It’s not the life situation to say no to a boots list option. It is only with the faint refinement of the destinations that the exaggerated excitement, which no other activity can evoke for the time being, pervades.

From the first moment I see the excel design with the data and the obligatory images light up before my eyes, even though I am not a selfie fairy. We don’t even say the final, but I usually already know how much the ticket will be and where to book. And for the next day, I also know at least 5 restaurants, which “it would be a shame to miss it once we’re there”. So maybe I have some experience in design. So I’ve put together three Australian trips, 3 vacations in Italy, one London, one Bangkok party and now I have the map of Manhattan in my head for our trip in May.

Putting together a more serious journey takes weeks, especially if you’re venturing into a place where your first experiences will come and you’re not even a routine planner. Australia is exactly like that. Many are fleeing to travel agencies right away, but in 2018, when a credit card is enough for everything and the internet is all there is, maybe there is another solution.
Especially if you want the adventure to be truly yours, no fairy tales, sit down and plan your trip so that the rest is just a breeze.

Cost Effective:

If cost-effectiveness is important and you don’t stick to the high season, don’t want to go out between December and February (although that’s when the official summer is), but in, say, November or March. Then there is still plenty of good time in a lot of places (even later), but accommodation prices are already falling. Here you will find the 14 day weather forecast for Australia.


Flight ticket:

In all cases, I use multiple search engines. I always look at the direct pages of the uprooted airlines because they may have their own promotions that don’t show up on the search engine pages. Also, if you can solve it, be flexible about dates. You may be two days early
you will find better prices later. At Qatar, you specifically see the prices for the dates before it immediately, although in my last 8 searches, Emirates came out the direct side as the winner. Oh and very importantly, when you see a cheap fare (say back around 320e), you should always check the flight time because it may be cheap, but the journey takes 45 hours. There’s already your decision to pay more, but be the shortest way or vice versa.

Flight Time:

Flight Time: Obviously, you don’t have to say it’s best to go with the shortest flight time. This is especially true if you are already coming home. Unless the water is beating you from home, try to book your ticket so you don’t have to wait too long (say more than 4 hours) to get home. You’ll still be excited there, you won’t even get up
disappear, but on the way home you want to be very at home, you want to tell stories and get back into the cycle (in principle, you will be rested and recharged, you will spin), you will hate it if you have to deck for two hours from your home for hours.


I’ve been using for years and it doesn’t make sense to look at price comparison sites because by getting registered with, I get a discount. Specifically, my colleague received an offer of HUF 30,000 more expensive for our American accommodation than I did just because I had signed up for the
accommodation portal and he is not. It is not a question of who we booked the accommodation with. TIP: The more you book by registering on, the more discounts available!

Another TIP: There are hotels where if you book directly on certain days, you will be better off than on the portals. Although it is difficult to look at which one, but e.g. this is the case with the Travel chain and their accommodation in Melbourne is a very good, personal experience! Time consuming but useful for the accommodation you look for otherwise e.g. on Trip advisor to check and read the comments to avoid disappointment. For Visa Click here


You often get into a taxi routine at home when you go to or from the airport. But countless big cities (though maybe even at home) have shuttle buses or public transportation designed to get you into the city easily. It’s worth checking out in advance what your options are and you can even book them out before you start your holiday by paying the taxi driver an extremely nice, but at the moment unnecessary detour. Practical info: In Melbourne there is a shuttle for 18 AUD, while in Sydney the smooth metro touches the airport and you can get to the city center or your accommodation in no time.