Troubleshoot a Challenging Locate in 4 Simple Steps

The most demanding part of rebar scanning is locating the utilities accurately. While many can argue that it is not the most critical aspect of an underground construction job, the truth remains that if utilities are not marked accurately, the result is increased cost, delays in the project, and other property damages. Therefore, you must not start working on a project unless all utilities are identified and marked accurately. If the facilities are marked correctly, hiring the most skilled crew for drilling and trenching is useless because the result is a failure.

Although with sophisticated tools and other technological advancements, it has become easier to locate and mark the utilities accurately; yet there are certain limitations and challenges. With every passing day, there is one or another utility addition to already existing underground infrastructure, which makes it more cluttered and crowded. As a consequence, the crew has to deal with more utilities, navigate and locate more lines. Moreover, even the high-performing and quality locators can run into issues like “bleeding.” When more than one utility is energized during locating, it is known as bleeding.

Therefore, accurate and precise locating of utilities is critical for the on-site safety and also for the surroundings. Other than having the right tools it is of paramount importance to have the right plan so that no mistakes are made and no unnecessary costs are encountered.  However, if a problem is encountered during the execution of locating utilities, here is what you can do. You can think of these as the four things you can change to eradicate the bottleneck.

1.      Change your grounds

Well, if have come across a bottleneck that can put the success of the whole project at stake, then you might want to get a better location and pick new grounds. To do that, you have to shift your position and go to the opposite side of the target utility. With the change in position, you can block signals from those underground utilities which could be a source of bleed-off i-e source of false or inaccurate locates.

2.      Change your frequency

While locating, it is recommended to make use of every tool that you have in your toolbox. This means pushing the boundaries of available tools and trying all available options which can provide results. In case of any hindrances, you should change the frequency you normally use and try another option available on your locator. It might be possible that you have felt cozy with one particular frequency since the day of your initial training. However, that does not mean you cannot try other frequencies which can provide you results and get an accurate locate.

3.      Change your power method

After giving methods 1 and 2 a try, if you still face trouble with locating utilities, you might want to change the method of the power. If you are using inductive locating, switch to the direct connect method, and vice versa. If you have tried both options, we suggest trying out a coil clamp if the location permits. This is just like trying a different frequency to remove the bottleneck.

4.      Change your angle

So, the problem persists!! Right! Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. In case there is still an issue with locating utilities, it’s time to change your angle or move. For example, if you are locating person X’s home, and you can’t seem to find the utility then you can adopt a different approach. Try locating X’s neighbor’s service to the main, and from there you can locate the main back into the X’s place. Quite often this method has led to successful results.

5.      Finding the right locator

After having gone through the above-mentioned four steps, either you should have successfully located the utility, or you must come across a line that cannot be accurately located with a locator. In case you have come across a line that cannot be located, you might want to go to the alternate strategy of locating utility i-e seek Vacuum Excavation Services Bay Area for further probing so that you can get to the location of utility.

Exaro Technologies Corporation

A reputable and reliable facility will ensure that all underground utilities are identified and marked before any construction is started in that area. With the right tools, techniques, and hacks they can get to the bottom of the surface, literally. Although sophisticated tools ensure accuracy and precision, however, they are not used and utilized optimally. At Exaro Technologies Corporation, our staff is trained, qualified, and experienced to deal with bottlenecks and utilize new tools to remove them. Whether it is excavation or scanning, whether Utility locating or Concrete Scan Bay Area; you can completely trust our competence and skill o ensure quality results. To get a quote, talk to our representative now.