TV Drama vs. Comedy

Fortunately, few forensators can categorize Duo into humorous and dramatic categories; some leagues categorize them into two genres. The majority of you need to decide between comedy and drama for your work. The reason Duo doesn’t separate the two genres is daunting. It seems cruel to rank competitors by performance in two very diverse genres. Anyway, you are forced to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision.

One of the first questions to ask is which genre you are attracted to. Then find a Duo partner who feels the same. Ask yourself if you really want to master the focus of either dramatic or comedy. Is it more comfortable to discuss heavy topics seriously or playfully? Is there a comedy timing? Do you have the strength of the Pinoy Lambingan? Do you like to laugh or get sullen? Which genre will help you grow as an actor? Which genre is best for you and your partner, based on how you interact? Why do you want to do both genres? If you’re into comedy or drama just because it’s popular in your area, you’re not wisely choosing a genre. Do what Duo wants. Otherwise, both will be miserable and can endanger performance.

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There are several considerations when considering a dramatic or comedy duo. Keep in mind that if both comedy and drama are great stories, you do essentially the same thing. Discuss serious issues, albeit in a completely different way. Obviously, the drama is more serious in tone while the comedy uses humor to answer questions. However, both genres have distinct strengths and weaknesses.

Comedies allow for more use of timing (instinctive talent than taught), physicality (eg, slapstick comedy or fast blocking), and exaggeration (such as larger facials / vocals). The more you can laugh (it’s definitely easier to say), the more likely you are to be remembered. People love smiles and laughter, so your duo can easily become a crowd favorite. And while you create laughter, you do so while maintaining some reality. For a great comedian, one may be ridiculous, but he knows that there must always be an anchor to something serious so that the audience can be involved. Keep in mind that earning laughter is challenging and tiring at work. Also, finding a balance between clowns and inspirational things is not as easy as you might imagine.


The drama solemnly tests your range. You may be kidding, but in most cases Duo is so serious that it’s important to use variations to avoid boredom. You can also act more realistically. Blocking is easier because there is usually less movement. You will be able to deliver the intense speech you have always dreamed of. And the audience enjoys seeing a well-made and dramatic dialogue. In addition, the drama’s nature is realistic and “like us,” so viewers can easily connect to dramatic personas. But keep in mind that the drama is viewed with a very critical eye. Acting is always subjective, but your great speech can fall apart. Also, if the drama becomes too heavy and clunky due to lack of energy, you may look into the audience and yawn.

Important Note: Dramatic duos are often taken more seriously than comedy duos sorry for puns. For some reason, drama is considered a higher form of art than comedy. It’s a research treatise in itself, but choosing a dramatic duo is enough to say that you have the privilege of emphasizing the subconscious (or not!) That you thought drama was better for. Many of the duos are also dramas, so the comedy is like the duo’s black sheep. The stigma that drama is more difficult than comedy seems to be depressing at best, but it can’t change the myth of theater overnight. Keep in mind that choosing a comedy combination will make this drama vs. comedy discussion better / more difficult and you may lose the drama.

Whatever genre Duo decides the most important thing to remember, it’s about choosing the right script for Duo. Thoroughly analyze and interpret the text to begin the rehearsal process of running the script honestly. If dramas and comedies are clearly completely different, it’s a rough idea to put them together in one category. Both drama and comedy may discuss the issue of love and suggestion, but if one uses heartfelt words and the other ridiculous proposal is wrong, decide which genre to choose. I Need to ponder. Ask what you and your duo partner like, ponder the pros and cons, and decide if your duo will be the next Al Pacino / Robert De Niro pair or the new Gene Wilder / Richard Pryor.