Types of Dab Rigs

Most dab rig fanatics often get overwhelmed when choosing a dab rig because the choices seem endless. Each person has his preference/ taste; as a result, dab rig manufacturers produce several types of dab rigs to meet the specific needs of their potential buyers. This article describes the several types of dab rigs, including the major pros and cons for each type.

  1. Glass dab rigs.

Glass dab rigs are mainly made of borosilicate glass. They come in several distinct shapes but their sizes range between 6 to 12 inches tall. These dab rigs are usually stronger and more heat resistant.

Some of the pros of glass dab rigs are :

  • They are versatile (you can easily add or replace an accessory on a glass dab rig).
  • Long durability (glass dab rigs are constructed from high-quality glass, that is sturdy).
  • They offer you a variety of options and value for your money.

One drawback of glass dab rigs is that they require regular cleaning.

  1. Mini rigs.

Mini dab rigs have their size as the distinctive feature. They are usually not more than 7 inches tall. Manufacturers make mini dab rigs from either thick borosilicate glass or silicone. Both materials are strong and durable.

Most dab rig users prefer mini rigs because they are portable, easy to use and deliver massive and flavorful hits. They offer lots of percolation, which ensures you get a clean smooth hit.

Mini dab rigs are versatile and they usually retail at portable prices. Nevertheless, their small size makes it difficult to clean them.

  1. Silicone dab rigs.

Silicone dab rigs are convenient and very cheap. They are usually compatible with either quartz or glass nails. 

Packaging and cleaning of silicone dab rigs is easy because they are flexible. You can easily remove each of the dab rigs’ accessories. Silicone dab rigs are also dishwasher safe; meaning that you can throw them onto the dishwasher for cleaning.

Despite the numerous pros of silicone dab rigs, they usually lose a bit of the authentic flavor of the dabs.

  1. Recyclers. 

Recycler dab rigs have their water recycled through two distinct chambers. They are renowned for two main reasons. One is their recycling function provides incredible water filtration, which ensures you get smooth hits. The second reason is aesthetics. Recycler dab rigs look awesome when in use and not in use. The swirling of water in the two chambers sounds good and is captivating.

The downsides of recycler dab rigs include: they are more expensive, and are usually large (less portable).

  1. Honey Straws.

Honey straws are the smallest dab rigs you can find. Instead of having a dab tool for loading the concentrate to the nail, this type of dab rigs allow you to dab the concentrate directly from a glass dish. 

Due to their small size, Honey Straws are super portable. Their nails can be heated or activated using smaller blowtorches. 

Honey Straws are truly affordable. If you are just starting your dabbing journey and you need to use the smallest amount of money, this type of dab rigs could be your best available option.

The drawbacks of Honey Straws are :

  • They hold very little or no water; hence, their filtration system is weak.
  • If not properly used, they can lead to losing the concentrates. You should ensure that only a small amount of dab concentrate is on the dish when using the Honey Straw.


  1. E-rigs.

Most of the other types of dab rigs mentioned above have a nail that is heated/ activated to the desired temperature using a blowtorch. You can also connect some with an e-nail that utilizes electric current to heat up and vaporize the concentrate.

Contrarily E-rigs are a battery-operated type of dab rigs. Thus they are a single unit that does not require another external accessory such as the torch or e-nail to function.

E-rigs are very easy to use. You just turn on the device using a power button and load the concentrate onto the inbuilt nail/ atomizer.

Being an all in one unit makes e-rigs easy to package and carry around your trips (they are portable). However, the battery limits the time you can use the E-rigs when not close to a recharging point.  They also tend to produce smaller hits than traditional dab rigs.


Since most dab rigs cost up to hundreds of dollars, you should always consider the durability of any of these devices before purchase. A high-quality dab rig should create smooth and cool hits that won’t burn your lungs