Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments!

The right window treatments including night and day curtains can make your home look professional and more appealing. 

This is what you want, right?

Often, less attention is paid to the appearance of window openings in an apartment than is necessary. But this is one of the main design elements. And an easy way to make the room visually more spacious. If the complex renovation of apartments can be entrusted to professionals, everyone can decorate the windows independently. When choosing a style for a different room, you need to focus on various aspects.

Generally, window treatment is a design element that really pulls the room together. When it comes to window treatment, there are so many styles to choose from – drapery, roman shades, shutters, blinds, and many more. Beyond styles, you also have to consider price, location, and most importantly their purpose. 

If you’ve never given window treatments a lot of thought, or aren’t aware of tips and tricks to install them in your home, the following guide can help in completing this new project. Follow these simple steps to give your interiors an extra and professional touch.

Table of Content

  • A Guide to Window Treatments
  • Think About A Function
  • Focus on Reliable Components and Material
  • Know Your Window Treatments
  • Don’t Forget Aesthetics
  • Overall Takeaway!

A Guide to Window Treatments

Think About A Function

As with many other design elements, you need to narrow down your options and land on window treatments that are right for you. For some people, the answer lies in adding aesthetic value. Some choose privacy while others ask for light control. Thus, determine your purposes for choosing the best curtains for the bedroom. Each window treatment option has different characteristics and properties.

  • Aesthetic: It helps in creating a space that is truly unique, reflective, and complement your style. So whether your home design style is modern, traditional, rustic, contemporary, or even minimalistic, choose options that enhance the styles to create more harmony. 
  • Privacy: This option is an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. This option allows you to add extra features to your home.
  • Light control: This beautiful custom window treatment provides enough light control. Hence, it reduces temperature fluctuations and improves visibility.

Focus on Reliable Components and Material

While thinking about installing high-quality window treatments, you need to choose a high-quality material that will complement the interior and create cosiness in the house. The blinds, curtains, shades, shutters, and others can protect the window from the effects of precipitation and will retain its presentable appearance for many years. They allow you to keep windows open for as long as you like. You can buy an option with a conventional rubber gasket, or you can opt for a white thermoplastic elastomer gasket. Every “little thing” matters, everything must be done with high quality from the best materials. After all, you put the window on not for one or even two years.

Know Your Window Treatments

Anyone who has ever stepped into a home improvement store can tell you that there are thousands of window treatments to choose from. For many, this level of choice is overwhelming. However, most can be served under several basic types.

  • Blinds: Generally the most affordable choice. Blinds are made of plastic or wood that have been positioned in slats. Blinds can be installed inside a window frame to create a clean appearance or outside to make a small window larger.
  • Shades: Shades are made from fabric and have varying levels of opacity. They’re slightly more expensive than curtains and come in three main types:
  • Drapes: Draperies offer the most variability in price because they come in a variety of materials, colours and patterns. They’re also available both in stock and on order.
  • Shutters: The most expensive item on this list. Shutters are real woodwork. While there are several sizes available and ready-made sizes, it’s recommended that you have a comfortable fit to the window for a better look.

Don’t Forget Aesthetics

Once you have your measurements in hand, it becomes easy to determine the aesthetic options for your windows. There is no doubt to say that style and design are the personal preferences for everyone. To achieve this fact, you need to be strict with the basic rules whether you’re installing blinds, shades or curtains. Pick blinds in white colour. Otherwise, you can choose according to your interior design. 

When it comes to shades, you need to pick solid shades. A neutral colour is an excellent option. On the other hand, patterned shades sometimes also give extra appeal to the room. If you’re thinking about choosing a contrasting shade, it’s time to highlight the function of a window. Or, you can choose a neutral colour, depending on your wall and interior designs.

Overall Takeaway!

If you have never paid much attention to them or have not had the best results in the past, the above-mentioned tips will help in window treatments. These tips will take your home decor to the next level. The professionals of reputable stores in choosing the right curtains, blinds, and shutters for your home. Similarly, you’ll find various options in blinds and curtains in Singapore. So, choose one according to your preferences.