Unable to download the latest Payroll in Quickbooks (Quickbooks error ps077)

Any kind of error from the PSXXXX family denies the user to download the latest update of Payroll in Quickbooks. Tax tables are used by the software to determine payroll for the businesses. That means if you subscribe to the Quickbooks payroll service then you can easily check your QB data with payroll tax tables. Well, read further to know more about the issue and resolve errors of the PSXXXX family such as Quickbooks Error PS077.


Causes of Quickbooks Error PSXXX

You can learn all of the causes that make the error appear on the device. 

  • If the user has not yet registered the Quickbooks software. 
  • The billing information mentioned by you is incorrect or outdated. 
  • Corrupted or damaged Quickbooks company file. 
  • A tax table file stored in the payroll folder becomes invalid and damaged. 


Symptoms to Identify Payroll Errors

There are many signs that will help you in identifying the error. Let’s have a look at the symptoms given below. 

  • The system is not performing appropriately. 
  • If you are denied to update the tax table. 
  • Quickbooks start hanging periodically. 
  • Becomes unable to download the payroll update. 
  • Showing any of the messages that reflect any of the PSXXX messages such as Quickbooks Error ps077. 


Points to Remember before Fixing the error 

Make sure to remember each of the points given below to resolve the error instantly. 

  • Try to repair the Quickbooks desktop application. 
  • Verify that the billing information mentioned in the payroll account is correct.
  • Ensure to update Quickbooks desktop application with the latest released updates.
  • It would be good if you validate the QB Payroll Subscription.
  • Always be aware of creating a backup of the Quickbooks company file. 
  • Also, only one Quickbooks application is installed on the system.


Solutions to Fix Payroll Error in Quickbooks 

After acknowledging the causes and symptoms, it’s time to move into the solutions that will enable you to download the Payroll tax tables. You can perform the fixations one by one till the error gets resolved. 


Solution 1: Verify if Disabling UAC on Windows resolves the error

The first solution that you can perform is to check if turning off User Account Control fixes the error or not. At times, UAC prevents Quickbooks to update the payroll. So, we try to disable it with the following steps:

  • To initiate, navigate to the start menu.
  • Now open the control panel.
  • You need to enter UAC in the search box provided. 
  • Next, hit the enter key. 
  • Moving on, try to spot Change user account settings and select it.
  • Hit the Yes tab now and disable User Account Control by moving the slider to never notify. 
  • Later on, you need to provide your admin user details if you are prompted to do so. 
  • Finally, just restart Quickbooks and ensure to download the payroll update once again. 


Solution 2: Utilize Quickbooks Rebuild Data Utility 

Once done with the following solution, move on to this solution if the previous one did not fix the error. In this procedure, you are required to perform these steps:

  • First of all, open Quickbooks and move to the File. 
  • Consequently, choose Utilities and Verify Data. 
  • Now, you can detect the error in the Quickbooks company file. 
  • Again, move to the file and select utilities to pick the rebuild data option. 
  • You see that it will fix the detected data issue. 
  • Once done with all these steps, you need to go back to Verify data and examine if any kind of damage resides in the Quickbooks company file.  


Wrapping Up!

The process to resolve any Quickbooks payroll error is very easy. You only need to perform these simple steps and you are good to go with the payroll feature. However, if you find it a bit difficult and confusing then ensure to seek professional assistance. You can contact the Quickbooks customer care team to ask any of the queries related to the error issue.