Understanding CQC Registration

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a government body that comes under the Department of Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom. They play the most vital role in terms of keeping a check on the maintenance of standards and providing a fine quality health service. So as to make sure everything is working in a line, it is essential to understand the importance of CQC registration

This department runs a non-departmental public body. It is of utmost priority for all the health care and social service centres to get their approved registrations from the Care Quality Commission of the United Kingdom. This branch of the Health and Social Care department was formed quite recently in the year 2009. The government and the citizens of the United Kingdom felt that there was a requirement for some measures and checks in the health care institutes. Hence, the formation of this body came into the picture.

The concept of understanding CQC registration

  • The registration of a health care or social care centre helps in better regulation of the system and services provided.
  • They make sure of the quality check by arranging regular inspections of the facilities provided by health care and social service centres.
  • They make sure that all the standards are matched as per the quality of products and services provided.

What are the 5 Standards of the CQC?

  • Safety – They keep a check that the citizens of England who are availing the health care or medical and social services are not being abused or harassed mentally or physically or by any means are not being ill-treated. It keeps a check on the public’s safety at these centres.
  • Effectiveness – It keeps a check on the outcomes of the service provided. The time, resources and energy spent on a person must be effective so as to bring improvements and so that the facilities turn out to be helpful.
  • Caring – Along with bringing out good effective and good results with the patients, they also focus on the staff of such centres to behave in a well-mannered and kind way. They emphasise on being compassionate and fair as well as dealing with a person with utmost respect and dignity while treating them.
  • Responsiveness – They set a standard of making sure all the patient’s needs are fulfilled and they feel fuller and satisfied while their stay or treatment.
  • Leading – Organisation must be growing with time. They must be open to new learning and keep updating themselves as staff as well as a centre.

All those health care centres who have not got the registration done here cannot be trusted with their services and quality since there is no set of standards for them to follow, they do not have any regulating body above them and no one is keeping a check on their code of work.