The Sunknowledge Responsibility for Seamless Urgent Care Billing Process

Being similar to primary care, the urgent care billing has certain guidelines to maintain along with its regulatory requirements for a seamless urgent care billing process.

However, at times due to inexperienced billers and coders, there may be certain hiccups in the urgent care domain, which can bother the overall revenue cycle management and eventually produces a negative impact on your practice bottom line. This is why Sunknowledge Services brings you a team of expert billers and coders helping you out with all your urgent care billing process.

Sunknowledge services Inc- the answer for your efficient urgent care billing process

Helping you so that you can give all your attention to patient care management, Sunknowledge services experts increasing the collections rate further help in sinking the operational cost of your practice at the same time.

Taking care of all the complicated billing regulations and being up to date billing trends, our experts further reduces the chances of errors following stringent billing and coding processes. With complete HIPAA guidelines, our experts further ensure correct and accurate documentation with a direct doctor’s office follow up. In fact, our experts make an extra effort in maintaining timely urgent care claims submission.

Saving a huge amount of cash flow, resources as well as time which in-house billers end up wasting during an urgent care billing process, Sunknowledge Services Inc has a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate; sinking your chances of dismissal and denial of claims.

In fact, partnering with us further helps you improving your practice bottom line, as we ensure no cost dedicated resources for any kind of urgent care billing problems, no write-offs without clients consent,   customized reporting, proper attention to every accounts and many other advantages.

With a liability insurance of 3 million dollar coverage with up to 1 million dollar coverage per incident, we are different from other RCM solutions due to our no binding contract and highest productivity metrics in the market. So what are you waiting for? Improve your urgent care billing services with just one phone call.