Using Penis Pump for the First Time? Know What You Can Expect

If you are not being able to perform in the bedroom, and your partner is telling you every night, “It’s okay and it happens to everyone,” it is obvious that you’ll feel frustrated from the inside. And for that, you are probably leaving no stones unturned to find out how you can make your erection stay for long. Well, unfortunately, this situation can happen to anyone and at any time. No, this doesn’t raise questions over your manhood but surely leaves your partner and yourself unsatisfied. And that is why getting pumps and enlargers for you can be a temporary fix.

Pumps and Enlargers from the Store of Adult Toys for Men

Pumps for your penis work, even though temporarily. This is the most non-invasive way you can get a long lasting erection. No, if you think that it will increase the size of your penis, then you need to understand that is not what is meant for. That can only happen when you are going for a surgical procedure. But with this device, you can increase the blood flow in your penis that will make the erection last longer and help you get better in penetration and stimulation. If you are suffering from ED and not being able to perform, you can get your hands on these from any store adult toys for men and temporarily fix your problem. This is a safer option for the performance of course. But for ED, this is not a treatment.

There are many issues that can cause ED, like prostate cancer or radiation therapy or even stress or depression. This device is designed to help you even if you are suffering from these issues and let you perform much better in bed without embarrassment. Stores like GVSX LLC have a huge collection of these pumps and enlargers.

How Does It Work

The pump is designed to create suction that will increase the blood flow in the penis. When the suction causes the blood vessels to fill up with blood, you will get a hard on that will last till there is the pressure of blood. When you are using the pump, a ring or sleeve or popularly known as cock ring will be placed in the open side of the pump and it will fit around your penis which will hold the pressure longer so that you can enjoy better performance. You can shop for the ring from the stores of the best adult toys for men.

Is it Safe?

Yes, it is. At least for the most part. This is a non-invasive way to help you get a hard on and remain hard longer. You don’t have to get surgery or anything. However, if you have a condition, this might not be an ideal choice of toy for you. The conditions include:

  • Some kind of blood disorder
  • You have a history of blood clots
  • You take blood thinners

How Can You Use It?

If this is the first time you are using a penis pump, then you need to follow a set of instructions.

  • You need lubricant for using the pump. First, use the lube on the open head of the tube and then place the tube on your penis.
  • If the pump comes with a hand pump, then use it to pump out the air. If it comes with a switch, then use that for the same. It will create a vacuum effect.
  • Now, this will make you erect.
  • Remove the pump but keep the ring at the end of your erection to make it last longer


When you want to find a store to buy adult toys online and place an order for a pump and enlarger, you need to ensure you follow the precautions too.

  • Shave your pubic hair to ensure a better fit of the pump and the ring.
  • Follow the direction you get with the device for the most amazing results.
  • Don’t keep the ring on for more than 30 minutes as it will cause you to go limp, cold and bruised.
  • Keep lube handy.

Now, place your order and enjoy better in your bed with your partner.