UV Sterilizer Levels

Realizing the sanitization levels a unit can accomplish is the thing that you need to know as a buyer to buy the best aquarium UV sterilizer or lake. We can separate UV sanitization into 3 employments. 

  • Green Water (Clarification) 
  • Bacterial, Flagellates, and Light Parasite (Sterilization) 
  • Hefty Parasite Sterilization (Heavy Sterilization) 

Everything sanitizers available can manage the third class. The center evaluation models can do the first and second. Spending units can just do the first. 

UV Clarification – The Most Common Sterilizer on the Market 

The primary classification of UV Sterilization is the fundamental motivation behind why UVs can a particularly unfavorable criticism in the business. By far most UV sanitizers ready to move may be fit for an explanation. In freshwater tanks and lakes, this is as yet an awesome unit as it will dispose of green water, however, don’t anticipate that it should do anything for bacterial and parasite relief or redox balance. 

UV Sterilizer Aquarium

These sanitizers are typically held tight or inside which makes them simple to introduce. These UV sanitizers offer little stay time and include numerous less expensive sanitizers available. 

Sterilization – Mid-Level Units 

We begin getting into more genuine UV sanitizers at level 1 Sterilization. These units are fit for genuine Sterilization with their higher abide time. These units are generally appropriate for basic fish tank and lake utilization. They have enough abode time to explain water, however can obliterate unsafe infections and microscopic organisms in your aquarium. Level 1 sanitizers are especially valuable in marine aquariums at serving to wipe out dinoflagellates

Substantial Sterilization – The Best of the Best 

This classification addresses the UV sanitizers with the best stay time. They are the most amazing aspect the best in the business and normal of what you will find in open aquariums. Saying this doesn’t imply that this isn’t accessible to the basic specialist, it’s simply that sanitizers of this level are extravagant in contrast with others that don’t have the stay to be in this classification. 

These units are completely fit for water explanation, infection moderation, redox balance, green growth regulation, and reasonable for expanding the illness opposition of your fish populace. 


Prior to getting a UV sanitizer, you should look into the changed sorts of units available and how they work (ideally this is the reason you’re here!). There are 3 kinds of UV sanitizers – plate type, tube type-wet bulb, and cylinder type-dry bulb. The distinction between the last two is that the wet-bulb isn’t fixed with quartz. On the off chance that the water framework is cold, you ought to get a UV sanitizer with a quartz sleeve since it makes intermittent cleaning and bulb substitution simpler. 

UV sanitizers additionally arrive in a hold tight plan, which is just held tight within your aquarium, or an inline plan, which can be plumbed into your filtration framework. 

Picking the correct unit for your application will rely upon what sort of tank you have (saltwater or freshwater) and its size. Your tank size decides how much water stream the UV sanitizer should have the option to help. Producers will in general give tables suggested the greatest aquarium size and the suitable stream rate for the entirety of the models they have. 

Remember that makers consider various things and that that is the reason appraisals can contrast in spite of having a similar wattage. For example, some utilize a 100% bulb effectiveness while others just record for 60%, or they can allude to clear or turbid water. 

Different variations may allude to the kind of living being meant to be slaughtered – microscopic organisms, green growth, or protozoa. 


The SunSun 9W UV Sterilizer is another acceptable alternative to consider when taking a gander at UV sanitizers. This unit estimates 12″ H X 3.3″ W X 3.75″ L and streams around 210 gallons each hour. 

To introduce, you should simply remove it from the crate, put it in your tank, and plug it in. It accompanies pull cups, which can be utilized for mounting the unit on a level plane or vertically. 

The UV bulb on this unit effectively murders any hurtful microorganisms and free drifting green growth in your tank. Much of the time, you will start to see positive outcomes inside only a couple days’ time. 

Some other pleasant highlights of this unit incorporate the way that it just requires 1 electrical plug and that substitution bulbs can be bought generally economically. For ideal execution, it is suggested that the UV bulb is changed every year. 

This UV sanitizer is viable with freshwater fish tanks, saltwater reef aquariums, and even outside lakes. 

UV Sterilizer Aquariums

Note: The siphon on this unit is very solid and it tends to be pointless excess for more modest tanks. Tragically it is extremely unlikely to change the water stream. 

AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine 

AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine is outstanding amongst other UV sanitizers out there on the lookout. As the name proposes, this incredible gadget is without a doubt an executing machine for all the potential green substances that as often as possible produce inside your fish tank. This gadget has the ability to clear out its reality and make the water completely clear inside a brief timeframe. Furthermore, this UV sanitizer likewise accompanies a 50 GPH siphon with a LED signal element to meet all your necessities. We should investigate all the highlights offered by this specific: 

The UV sanitizer is ideal for aquariums that comprise 50 or fewer gallons of water inside it. The sanitizer is without a doubt ideal for any little fish tank out there. The sanitizer is controlled by a 50 GPH siphon that can be introduced inside any piece of your aquarium. The water stream has been decreased at a specific rate to guarantee the most noteworthy disinfecting execution inside your fish tank. Plus, the sanitizer is controlled by a stunning GKM framework that can make the aquarium water totally straightforward and clean. 

The bright light inside the sanitizer can adequately dispose of the relative multitude of hurtful microorganisms, green growth, and infections out of your fish tank. Furthermore, it has the ability to eventually stop the creation of any microorganism inside your aquarium. You can utilize this UV sanitizer in both freshwater and saltwater condition. The gadget accompanies a 3-year of administration guarantee from the maker. You will get one 50 GPH pump and 4 wipe filters with the sanitizer. 

The sanitizer accompanies a simple to-introduce include that can be performed within 10 minutes. Additionally, there will be LED flags that will tell you during the suitable chance to supplant your bulb.